Éveillez l'humanité à la conscience Christique

 Le retour de la magie dans votre vie, ą laquelle vous aspirez tant, peut uniquement provenir de votre Union Divine, de votre niveau d'unité avec toute Vie. ~~ Antharus - Telos Card

2006 Planetary Transformations - Part 4

Adama through Aurelia Louise Jones

Lemuria and Atlantis

Of what I notice, the reconnection of humanity with Lemuria seems to be taking place at the level of the heart, meaning within the greater Self. While the reconnection of humanity with Atlantis appears to be taking place at the level of new outstanding discoveries designed to teach us a great deal of new technology.

Could you expand on this and confirm if this is accurate?

In many ways, this appears to be accurate in outward appearances. This is also the image that is being projected by those on the surface, who are looking to discover hidden mysteries, who at this time, can only remember Atlantis, and who are not yet so aware of what is coming up on the planet in the future. They are not yet aware that the beings of the ascended Atlantean civilization have now attained the same levels of heart openings as we have. The ascended Atlanteans are not only living beneath the city of Mato Grosso in Brazil, but many have spread themselves out to other subterranean cities as well, serving in assisting the transformation of the planet and the evolution of humanity, with the full fires of theirs hearts, shoulder to shoulder with us, Lemurians.

Understand that most of humanity have experienced long periods of incarnations in Lemuria and then on Atlantis, in both alternative and simultaneous incarnations. No one can claim to be just one thing. You are all composed of layers upon layers of all sorts of multifaceted experiences in the last several million years, way beyond Atlantis and Lemuria. These have been all part of the various experiences that you, as a divine being, have chosen in your adventures of exploration of the universes.

Atlantis was known for its accomplishments in technologies, the beauty of its architecture and all the treasures that “human minds  could create. All this mind creation is very valid and an important phase of soul development. What Atlantis of old has to offer today is very fascinating for some, but what Atlantis of today has to offer at the present time, is very much the same as what we have to offer to all of you. As all of us, Lemurians and Atlanteans, have evolved our consciousness far beyond to what both continents had to offer thousands years ago. All of Atlantis treasures and technology will be brought back to the surface again, but it will not be quite the same. It will be in the energy of the new world…, so much better! And so much more advanced than what it was ten to eleven thousands years ago!

Those looking for the discoveries of Atlantis with Her treasures and technologies are still looking for things outside of themselves, not aware that to us it represents energies from the past, somewhat outmoded, comparing to what will be brought back on the surface in the future. In general, Atlantean consciousness was too often ruled by the mind at the expense of the heart, primarily a consciousness of “doing .

Those who seek to live from the Heart relate more to Lemuria. They know that all that is out there, outside of themselves are creations of the mind, but their hearts are not so much focused on that. The needs of the hearts are much different and very simple. True heart living is a consciousness of “beingness .

The ideal is to be balanced in both, as both have their rightful function, and are necessary aspects of the Divine Self. When the mind is at the service of the heart, then wisdom and all knowingness comes to the forefront. When the doing becomes a result of the beingness, then there is magnificence in both worlds. As masters, we certainly use our minds, but we have transformed what used to be our limited human minds ruled by the altered ego, to the manifestation of the infinite Mind of God, always at the service of the Heart to create limitlessness in all her splendor in every now moment.

Lemuria seems to have been more forgotten because She disappeared from the surface a little over 1,500 hundred years before Atlantis and left little trace on the surface that you can find, unless you perceive it through the eyes of the heart. But time has now come for everyone to remember again the “Motherland , not so much as for what it was long ago, but for what it is now offering again to humanity.

We, as Lemurians, lived from the heart on this planet for millions of years, until the last hundred thousand years, when the fall in consciousness gradually took place among our people. Then, little by little, the magical lives we once knew for millions of years gradually faded, and life progressively became more difficult, and very much third dimensional.

Until the fall, for millions of years, we created limitlessness, magnificence and majestic beauty in our world, far beyond what Atlantis created. But, though we were here physically, we were living in another vibrational frequency that was not visible to most Atlanteans or other people who tried to visit us. When people came to visit Lemuria who did not vibrate to our level of frequency, they did not see very much of the true Lemuria. They did not perceive as much beauty and perfection as they saw in Atlantis because, although it was there all along for those who had their spiritual sight opened, it was not visible for everyone to see.

Just as you do not yet see the wonders of the crystalline Cities of Light hovering above your polluted cities of the world, not everyone saw us either. What we created in the 3rd dimension was a more limited version of the true Lemuria for the purposes of enjoying the beauties of nature, of the “Land of Pan  with a different aspect of our physicality. For a very long time, what we created in third dimension was simple housing and structures with materials gathered from nature that we could share communally. For us, it was the equivalent of having log cabins in the forest to visit at will from time to time, while living in our higher vibrational frequency cities. Our people showed up in third dimension when they felt they wanted to experience life differently for a while or enjoying a third dimensional activity. At one time, all Lemurians could ride the dimensions at will with their consciousness like you can now ride the floors of a tall building in an elevator. It was that simple, and you will experience this again in the future.

Did we have technology?

We certainly did, but not exactly the same the Atlanteans did. For a very long time, we simply did not need the kind of technology Atlantis had, because our level of spiritual evolution did not require it. The Atlanteans were fully anchored in third dimension from the beginning, while we were not limited to it. Eventually, you will also notice that you will no longer need the kind of technology that you are yearning for at this time. Our technology, our homes, temples and cities existed on a higher vibrational frequency than the Atlanteans. What we had was real and tangible to us, but was mostly not visible to them or others who did not live from the heart. When our continent was destroyed, there were less physical and tangible evidences of our civilization to show for in the density of your dimension than Atlantis did.

What is left of Lemuria on the surface? Are there yet on the surface areas that we do not know about that still hold the energies of ancient Lemuria? We do not hear much about Lemuria comparing to what we are hearing about Atlantis.

For those living on the East Coast of the North American continent, you hear more about Atlantis, because many of the people who are incarnated there are former Atlanteans. The leaders of the U.S.A, especially those ruling in Washington DC are former true blood Atlanteans; several of them are those who were responsible for the destruction of their continent. This is why the interest extends itself more to the discoveries of that civilization in this country and among those living around the former Atlantean shores. A great percentage today’s USA population, especially towards the East coast, comes from people who perished in Atlantis, and the consciousness of a great majority of the people of the U.S.A has become very much like of ancient Atlantis. Atlantis was situated in the Atlantic Ocean, and comprised a great section of that ocean. Atlantis was about the size of Canada and United States combined.

Lemuria was at least three times the size of Atlantis and was situated in the Pacific Ocean. The Lemurian civilization existed for over four and one half million years on this planet before its final demise. Atlantis was considered a young civilization comprised of beings who originally came from five different star systems, who were very different in their soul evolution than the Lemurians. Their civilizations lasted about 200,000 years before its final sinking.

Your present way of living in today’s world is much closer to how the Atlanteans were living their lives than the way we lived our lives in the time of Lemuria. You are a civilization that is still very much influenced by the former Atlantean consciousness, because a great percentage of your present-day political, economic and spiritual leaders, also your media, are very much tainted with the former corruption of Atlantis. The final days of Atlantis are still imprinted strongly in the cellular memory of the masses as well as of your leaders.

It is time for all of you to heal the imprints of that former consciousness and start embracing the world of “Oneness , where there is no longer any Atlanteans or Lemurians, but only a humanity living from the magic of Love, joining each other in a planetary Brotherhood, as all children created from the same love and tenderness of the “Heavenly Father .

Where was situated the core of Lemuria? Was it in the area of the Hawaiian Island?

The Lemurian Age took place approximately between the years 4,500,000 BC to about 12,000 years ago. Prior to the sinking of the continents of Lemuria, and later on of Atlantis, there were seven major continents on this planet. The lands belonging to the gigantic continent of Lemuria included lands now under the Pacific Ocean as well as Hawaii, the Easter Islands, the Fiji Islands, the numerous Islands of French Polynesia, Australia and New Zealand; also lands in the Indian Ocean and Madagascar. All those islands existing in the Pacific Ocean, inhabited or not, are all former mountain tops from the lost continent of Lemuria. The Eastern coast of Lemuria also extended to the state of California in the U.S.A. and beyond.

The main headquarter of the continent of Lemuria, where the palace of the Queen and King of Lemuria used as their primary residence, was situated in an area of the continent called Telos. This is also where all the primary administrative buildings of Lemuria were situated, around and at the foothill of Mount Shasta. This is why when the Telosians went “underground , they chose to call their city “Telos .

Lemuria was so vast, it was divided in five main sectors, where each one of the sectors had their own leaders and administrative buildings; but they were all connected and under the direction of the primary Lemurian hierarchy of Queen and King of the main headquarters in the Province of Telos near Mount Shasta.

The word “Telos  means communication with Spirit. The Province of Telos was quite large. It comprised all of the State of California in its primary surface before a large portion of it sank in the Pacific Ocean; it also comprised part of Oregon, Washington states, and part of British Columbia in Canada, including the Island of Victoria. It also comprised part of the state of Nevada.

The Redwood Trees

There is another legacy from the time of Lemuria that has not been recognized by this generation. This awesome and precious legacy is now being decimated to almost “nothingness  by the greed and arrogance of the logging industry. In many areas of the Western Coast of the U.S.A. there were millions of acres, where those “Giant Trees  of Devic Intelligence, physical and tangible remnants of the time of Lemuria were still growing by the millions.

In the twelve thousand years of evolution on the planet, since the sinking of Lemuria, no one ever dared destroying them, except now, the present-day greed of the logging industry who has been destroying more acres of them every day in the last 25 to 50 years. As is, there are only a few acres left “for show . The rest is almost gone at the hands of the mechanical saws of the loggers, all for greed and profit.

Please read the message “Wake-up Call from the Redwood Trees" in another channeling.

The Intelligence of the Heart

Is it truly possible to live in a state of total peace and harmony, without any conflict and emotional stability, while knowing that the forces of the Shadow are working very diligently to diminish our heart frequency, and try by every possible means, to maintain us in that instability.

The state of total peace and harmony, without any conflict and emotional stability is the state of consciousness that all of you choosing to remain here are now evolving to at this time, and gradually learning to maintain in a more perfected way. Whatever the state of consciousness you find yourself in is always your personal choice. No one has any power to make that choice for you. Your emotional reactions always depend on what you choose to believe in and the thoughts you allow yourself to entertain in each now moment.

The experiment of the illusion of separation through the veil was chosen by each soul evolving here. It had a beginning time and an ending time. The end time of this long dark night of the illusion that this experiment created has come. The Creator has now decreed, as promised, the end of separation and darkness on this planet.

It is important for you to focus on what you want to attain, rather on what someone else is trying to create for you or implant in your consciousness. You all have the same divinity within each one of you, and it is always up to you to choose between the frequencies of love or of fear. It is always up to you to choose drama and duality consciousness or the world of Oneness. Make it a habit to focus on what your personal truth is, and do not allow yourself to be disturbed by what others are doing or not doing. Get out of duality and drama consciousness. Know that no one has any power to diminish your heart frequency unless you allow it.

Why is the mental body not imprinted with the sacred energy of the heart, appearing to have more power than the heart? If the goal of evolution on the planet is to activate and radiate the Love of the Holy Father through the Heart, why is it that we are constantly turned away from that goal?

The mental body was originally imprinted with the sacred energy of the heart. During the long eras of the Lemurian Golden ages that lasted well over 4,300,000 years, this is how everyone lived their lives and made physical ascensions, without ever knowing or experiencing an iota of darkness, fear or limitation. There were no veils and no altered ego; such distortions were totally unknown to their consciousness.

Through choice of each soul, about mid-way of the evolution of the fourth root race, a few souls began to depart very gradually from their original state of Oneness, and contaminated others with their new distorted consciousness. No one had to buy into this distortion, but evidently many did, and this is why you are still here trying to understand it, in order to change it. It was a very gradual process, so gradual that the general population did not notice. Those who chose differently have made their ascension a very long time ago.

This is how the altered ego gradually took birth within the mental body replacing the “Mind of God . It eventually took over the masses, as more and more spiritual degeneration took place. Over time, people continued to give their altered ego such priority, and it gained such momentum, that most people became totally unaware that they were no longer imprinted with the sacred energy of the heart. Now, as you become consciously aware of this, you can change this, and allow yourself to recover your former estate of divine perfection.

God has never created those imperfections and has never given birth to the altered ego. Humans in incarnation chose to create this new altered state of consciousness and experience the illusion of separation. God has simply allowed humanity to experience their choices for the purpose of learning their lessons. Each soul evolving here must now take full responsibility for their former choices, be grateful for the lessons they have learned from it, move on to embrace Oneness again, and be spiritually “free .

Will humanity eventually succeed to start living from the heart?

Absolutely! And humanity will succeed to a great extent within the next 10 to 15 years, and for the majority, much sooner. Those who are not choosing it will not be able to remain here or incarnate again on this planet until they make that choice.

With the love and compassion of the Heart of Lemuria, we of the Lemurian Brotherhood of Light, bless all of you who are reading our messages and attune your heart and frequencies to ours. Call on us for help in time of stress and challenge, and we will be there at your side to lend assistance and comfort. We are your ancestors and the ones who have kept the flame of Love on your behalf, and we love you more than you can imagine!

Adama and the High Lemurian Council of Telos.

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