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Harmony a Main Key to Embody to Qualify for Ascension

Master Zohar through Aurelia Louise


Zohar is a very ancient master from the city of Shamballa of the Earth’s interior. He tells me that he has been living 250,000 years in the same body. He measures around 15 feet in height, looks around 35 years of age, and has shining white hair. He added: not the kind of white hair caused by aging, but the kind resulting from the intensity of the white light within the heart. He is a scientist of nature and of creation, and has been living in the city of Shamballa most of his life. One of his favorite subjects is to talk about the quality of “harmony” as a main key to attain the level of consciousness to be admitted into the ascension celebration.

He is also one who has over-lighted with his presence, guided and assisted in the establishment of the city of Telos 12,000 years ago, when the Lemurians first moved there. He assisted and counseled them the 5,000 years prior to that, when they first began to prepare the city to be habitable, once they knew that their continent was destined to be destroyed.

Zohar tells me that in the beginning, no one in Shamballa knew for sure what could be expected from this new Lemurian civilization joining the Agartha network inside the Earth. It was decided then in Shamballa that the new comers needed to be monitored very closely.

Zohar tells me that after spending a lot of time in Telos, in the last 12,000 years, that he truly holds a great fondness for that city of Light and Love. What the Lemurians have achieved there in so little time comparing other earth’s interior civilizations who have been there much longer, surpasses by far all expectations that any planetary or intergalactic council could have ever imagined 12,000 years ago.

His words are: “I have spent a lot of time in Telos in the last 12,000 years, especially at the beginning. I have grown to love this place as much as I love my own city of Shamballa. Even now, I still spend a lot of time in Telos, but no longer for the same reasons as before. Now I go there, no longer to monitor their progress and their development, but simply because I love and enjoy so very much being in this wondrous city of Light and in the presence of its inhabitants. The beauty, the abundance, the brotherhood and the creativity that exist there in such perfection illustrates better than anywhere else the miracles that Love and Harmony can achieve when a civilization and her people decide, as a collective, to embody fully that Love of the Creator. Telos and her people is an outstanding cosmic example of the wonderments that Love can accomplish”.

He also tells me that he came to the surface a few times in the past for a short period of time, and that he enjoyed very much meeting and talking with the surface folks. He added: “My heart is longing, as well as the heart of your Lemurian family of Telos, to be able to walk again among all of you, as a brother, and offer to all of you my guidance and wisdom”.

Master Zohar

Greetings my beloved brothers and sister, this is Zohar.

Thank you Aurelia for asking me to have a saying in your book; I am really please to offer my energy for such endeavor. Let me say this. In order for this world to be enlightened entirely and be lifted in the Light, it is of necessity that everyone living here must take on the persona of “harmony”. Everyone must do this; it is a requirement. Otherwise, those who will not will be dragged down by their own arrogance. They will acquire sicknesses created from their lack of light and they will simply die, mainly because they will not have the capacity of being happy in the new world. Understand?

This is now your choice, beloved ones. Either you choose to make it, or you don’t. The outcome of your evolution is entirely depending on your own choices that you make each day, and each moment of the day.

The surface populations are now getting close to what is called “The Gathering”. Know that the powers that be in this world, the powers of the shadow side, the Illuminati, are trying to stop this at all cost. Know that the more they are trying to stop it, the more you will know that you are doing it right and getting closer. Understand?

The governments of your planet do not yet realize that the people who live in the interior have been there such a long time, much longer than their limited mind could ever imagine. They do not yet realize that it is not them who are in charge of this planet, and that their time for ruling is soon coming to a dramatic end. Their bubble of illusion will soon be shattered, and their cycle of accountability will be born.

It is now time to distance yourself from all those who do not seek to embrace harmony in their lives. All those who wish to embody harmony or wish to be accepted into the family of Telos must do the following:

  • You must strive to remain in a state of harmony at all times, with all of creation and all of nature. For without harmony, there is discord. Then with discord there is destruction.
  • Regardless of what people may do or say, you “must remain in harmony”. If someone tries to hurt you, then bless them, and do not let them be part of your reality.
  • If you encounter disharmonious situation, then distance yourself. You have no obligation to remain where harmony does not reign.
  • Seek truth and harmony at all times, and do not ever again allow yourself to deviate from this course or you will self-destruct. Those who will continue to resist the new energies now flooding your planet will not be able to do this much longer. The new energies are now getting so very strong and intense to bring about the changes and transformations you have been all waiting for. Those who will resist will self-destruct.
  • You should no longer entertain feelings of discord and guilt. Never be sorry for what you are or what you are going through to balance your debts towards life. Rather strive always to improve yourself.
  • Harmony should be the number one quality in your life, and be assured that it will pave your pathway for admittance into the Halls of Ascension. You will know when you have reached that level because then nothing will bother you. Whatever people say or do to you, it will not grieve your heart one way or the other.
  • Someone who is in total harmony is totally happy with Creation. That someone holds total acceptance of what is. When you become that, you are ready for your ascension.

Since I am almost a Telosian by association, I will also be there to greet you and champion your victory in the Light. Namaste my beloveds friends, I love you all so very much!

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