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Un nouveau monde est en train de naître pour toi, si tu le choisis, mais il n’est pas complètement défini et structuré. Il attend ta contribution créative ~~ Adama - Carte Telos.

Value Your Taxation System

Adama through Aurelia Louise Jones

Adama, as children of God on this planet, is it spiritually valid and moral that we are subjected to such a controlling taxing system. Do you have a Taxing System in Telos?

We certainly don’t, and neither would we allow such a thing. An enlightened government does not need to tax its people. Your taxing system is strictly a manipulative three-dimensional creation, spiritually immoral, demonstrating a primitive understanding of leadership and management.

We acknowledge your desires to be sovereign in this regard and your divine rights to be tax-free. You are the beloved children of the most loving and wealthy Father, Source energy. Your Creator does not tax you, and neither should anyone else. Like so many other things in your society that you don’t like nor agree with, they exist simply because you allow it. You have given away your powers and your rights to be sovereign. As a collective, until you take your powers back, it will continue.

Be assured that within 5 to 10 years from now, and hopefully sooner, you will most likely become tax-free forever. As the light shines on this planet brighter each passing day, your tax system will also evolve and eventually be abolished completely. There is no tax system in the fifth dimension, and if this is where so many of you are choosing to go. You will not find a single tax collector anywhere over on our side of the veil. They will be yet all gathered in the third dimension wondering what happened!

We are a free and responsible society. Each and every one of us takes equal responsibility for the wise and successful economics of our society. Everything we need or use is exchanged through a well-designed “barter system” creating an “equitable exchange”. This way, we can freely obtain and trade for whatever we want, and there are never any losers. This gives us great latitude and freedom in our exchange system and makes bartering “fun”. Everyone enjoys in great abundance everything they need, and never at the expense of another.

We value our freedom above all else. We would never allow a system of taxation to exist. It would deprive us of our undeniable rights to abundance, to freedom and the pursuit of happiness. On the surface, your governments have programmed you in the belief that you have to pay taxes and this is a most erroneous concept. You are not burdened only with income tax, but to name a few, also with sales tax, property taxes, activity taxes, some of your food is taxed as if eating and nourishing your body is a luxury, and hundreds of other more subtle types of taxes that are hidden or included in the prices. But nevertheless they are taxes and contribute to your burdens. In your lives on Earth, this type of control was never meant to become part of your reality and burdens.

Why are you then allowing it with so much fear and complacency?

Why are you then allowing the leaders you elect to oppress you in all directions in such a manner? And why are you still thinking that having to pay so many taxes with every aspect of your life is a normal way of sharing the meager earnings the majority of you have to live from?

Any government or leadership compelled to tax their people so heavily in order to function financially demonstrates a sure sign of poor administration. With a bit more enlightenment and much more integrity, your governments could function very well and with great prosperity without having to tax the people they govern. Citizens of other planets do not have to be taxed by their governments and no one lacks of anything, including those governing.

But Adama, how do we do this? Those who refuse to pay their taxes go to jail, they are harassed without end, they have their vehicles taken away from them and very often their land and their homes.

We know this my beloved, we know it only too well; and this is all about to change in your country and gradually everywhere else in the world. This is why we are not suggesting that you make waves at this time and refuse to pay your taxes. If you did that now, too many of you would be hurt. You have enough challenges in your life as is, and we do not want to see you suffer more. The concept of becoming tax-free has to evolve first in your consciousness and then in the consciousness of the majority in order to be changed smoothly in an enlightened manner.

When the majority of the people in a country, let’s say about 70% to 80% have embraced a new truth for themselves as sovereign beings and make a sincere and empowered choice in their heart that it is no longer their truth to be submitted to taxation, and they call out to their Creator to assist them in implementing their new truth as sovereign beings, be assured that it will happen, and it would not take very long. But the collective has to choose it first from the heart and let go of victimhood consciousness. This is a requirement. Know it with all your heart that your sovereignty has to come first from within the self. Know with absolute knowingness that as divine beings, as the children of a most loving Father, you have full rights to the bounty of this planet and of this universe. It is not reserved for only the few.

There are those in your society who have incarnated for the purpose of creating more enlightened forms of governments in a near future. They are sufficient in numbers now to succeed and have gained enough maturity to take their place very soon. They have been trained between their incarnations to do just that, and they already know how to implement those positive changes smoothly. They are well versed on the art of leadership to implement new forms of government that will function for the benefit of all. When a governing body acts for the benefit of the collective instead of personal agendas, everyone becomes abundant and has everything they need to enjoy life. No one has to go without. Very soon, my dear children, there will no longer be the “haves and the have not”. Everyone will have plenty to live and function well, including all levels of governments.

Be patient a little longer and continue to evolve your consciousness and let go of the many erroneous belief systems you have been imprinted with. Those who have incarnated to implement the new forms of governments will not be allowed to take their rightful place until you have made sufficient changes first in your heart and your consciousness. It is important that you claim it and demand those changes from the heart of your Creator from the love and compassion of your own heart. It is also important that you continue to do this until it happens.

Remember that it is always the collective who has the power to decide. Your governments only reflect the sum total of the consciousness of the collective they govern. They are mirrors my friends, just mirrors! You all have to change first, and you will see how smoothly your governments will evolve and change. It is up to all of you to lead the way from the fires of your heart.

But Adama, 80% of the population is a lot; that will take forever for everyone to evolve their consciousness to extent you mention.

Not as long as you might think. I mentioned it before and many other masters have mentioned it as well. Soon on your planet, there will be events that will assist humanity to wake-up and accelerate their consciousness. These events are now hanging over your head. People will have to voluntarily change or leave their incarnation. The abuse of your planet and its people by your governments will no longer be tolerated. This is what your Earth Mother has now chosen for evolution on Her body, and it will be implemented. No group of people in incarnation here will have the power to stop it either. The shape-up or ship-out warning that was given some time ago is more valid now than ever before.

You are not alone my beloveds; you have more support on your planet now from all over the universe than ever before. No planet has ever been given such great amount of assistance as it is granted here at this time. Be of good cheers, your deliverance is soon at hand. If only you could perceive how much effort is implemented to assist this planet and how much each one of you is so dearly loved, it would melt all your pains instantly into an eternal fountain of joy. We love you all so very much, and please hang on a little longer! I am with you always. Your Lemurian Family of Light.

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