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Voyagez avec nous dans le Cœur cristallin de votre âme. Visualisez un centre éclatant qui réside à l'arrière de votre cœur et qui transmet l’énergie en vagues ondulantes et en pulsation partout dans votre cœur et dans le champ énergétique de la Terre. ~

Message from Posid - Part 1

Galatril through Aurelia Louise Jones

Greetings my beloved brothers and sisters!

I am Galatril, third-level member of the Council of Posid, beneath Mato Grotto in the country of Brazil. I have been in this position for many of your lifetimes, and I have spent much of my service reaching out to heal the energies of the past.

We, who inhabit the resurrected city of Posid, now a wondrous and beautiful abode of Light in the fifth dimension, and all of us living in other Atlantean energy cities within the Earth, recognize that there is great distrust for our vibration from many of you who experienced the cataclysms of the fall of Atlantis. The energies of that time and the masculine overwhelm of mental energies over the feminine balance of the heart are still creating emotions of fear and anguish within many of you who would be now interested in initiating any kind of communication with us.

For this reason, we ask that you please allow yourself to release the prior connection with us that you hold through the mind, and bring the energies of our deep love for you, once again into your heart. Since the destruction of our continent, we have done much work to evolve our consciousness and to embrace the energies of love from the heart. We have toiled long and steadfast to rebalance the energies we so carelessly used in the past. Today, it is with much joy and deep gratitude that we thank you for allowing us the opportunity to reach out to you and speak to your heart. We now come from a place of love, and if you allow it, we can bring great healings to your soul from the past traumas that so many, if not most of you on the surface, have been subjected to in the past.

We, who held ourselves in such high esteem in the Atlantis of old, and who rocked our planet so violently with our egos and misuse of technologies, have spent much of our time since in the service to the Earth and the earth’s interior. We have been in service to the elementals and nature spirits of this planet, and in service to our beloved Lemurian brothers and sisters, to rectify the damage and the deep pains that we inflicted to them and to all of you. We have also learned much about the cravings of the soul for knowledge and how these desires must be balanced by the deeper knowingness of the heart.

After the sinking of Atlantis, it was our Lemurian brothers and sisters who have offered themselves and their expertise to become our mentors in our next evolutionary step. Many of the guides, healers and teachers who held the energies of compassion, wisdom and understanding on our behalf to allow us to evolve from our former tragedies, have been from Telos! Many were from other Lemurian cities as well. For a very long time, their assistance, their love, their acceptance of us has been for many, myself included, the only Light that shone in a very dark place within our heart and soul. Our connection to them was the bond that has carried us higher and higher into the consciousness of love and true brotherhood. We now invite humanity to do the same.

We live beneath the region of Brazil because of the highly crystalline nature the Earth in that area. We are here now as guardians of these energies to keep them from being manipulated again by those who do not reflect nor understand the Divine Plan. Whereas in the past, we would have insisted to utilize the tremendous force of this energy for power, dominion and control, today, we are its protectors. It is now very appropriate for us to be the guardians of those energies because we have a very great understanding of those energies, and we have also experienced the negative effects of their misuse. We can follow their flow with great perceptivity of observation. We do this in service for our Lemurian brothers and sisters, which we now consider to be our very dear “family”. They are the synthesizers and harmonizers of this energy at this time of planetary transformation.

In many aspects, our lifestyles are very similar to those of Telos. All of us hold positions of responsibility within our community. We also spend much of our time in service to the planet and to our brothers and sisters now incarnated on the surface at this time. A great deal of our work consists of programming many of the crystal tools that are emerging on the surface at the present time. We have the technology to create from the organic structure of the subterranean levels of the earth a new form of crystal that emits a much higher vibration of energy than what has been previously available on the surface.

These crystals are now beginning to surface and will interact with the environments into which they are introduced to provide a detoxifying effect on all levels of denser vibrations. They are very open to the conscious intents of the individuals who wish to work with them, and will work with all who ask them. However, they will express only one intention at a time, and only within the vibrations of the Divine Plan. This is the first layer of healing tools that will begin to emerge in a near future. These crystals will also reflect the color vibration of the individual person who will currently be working with them, and may change color vibration if or when transferred to a different person.

Our buildings in Posid are made of a very similar crystal material. This energy has greatly contributed to the healing of our toxic emotions, as well as the toxic emotions of the Earth herself where we live. We hold in our hearts a great desire to be of assistance to the surface populations when the appropriate time emerges. We wish to contribute and support you in the creation of your own cities of Light with these same healing materials. In addition, these crystals will be available to heal your soil, the re-energizing of all your food supplies and many other uses.

We want to assure all of you that all of us hold a very great desire in our hearts to manifest in all of our actions and interactions with you, the love and the compassion that is needed to recreate a united civilization on this planet. It is our most heartfelt goal to assist the manifestation of this unity of consciousness in all of Her dimensions and realms. We wish to experience with you again, face to face, the love that will bring the highest joy and grace to all of you living on the surface, sharing this planet with all of us living within the earth’s interior.

It has become appropriate for us now to say that in the higher realm of the fifth dimension, Atlantis and Lemuria are fully manifesting the energies of the original plan for these continents. Atlantis representing the energies of the Divine Father and Lemuria representing the energies of the Divine Mother were meant to work together in the consciousness of divine union, to assist in love and unity of consciousness, not only the people of their respective continents, but also to become loving guides and mentors, role models of unity for other civilizations evolving here, younger souls with less experience.

In recognition of the many lifetimes that many of you have spent attempting to distance yourself from the original vibrations of Atlantis, we ask you to work with us now on a simple meditative exercise. We hope this meditation will assist you in cleansing the vibrations of old, so that the new vibration may seed itself in the evolving consciousness of the planet.

There are many skills and technological resources that were created in Atlantis that many of you have direct knowledge of. It is now time for these technologies to resurface, albeit in a vibration of love and service, not ego and power. As you clear your resistance to old energies and experiences, all that was good, all the wonders of Atlantis will rise to the surface through you.

The continent of Atlantis, as with the continent of Lemuria, will not rise again in the physical. It will be reborn instead through the energies of those who are incarnated at this time. The gifts and resources of these civilizations will be recreated and re-manifested, in new and shining forms, by those of you who are living on the surface today.

We invite you to journey with us now into the crystal heart of your soul. Envision a glowing center that resides behind your heart and transmits energy in undulating, pulsating waves throughout your bodies and into the energy field of the Earth herself. Your crystal center vibrates in resonance with the crystal center of the Earth. As you focus on your own crystal central sun, reach out with your knowingness, with your love, to the crystal central sun that sits in the core of Earth.

Follow the trail of energy as it leaves you and travels into the Earth and watch for the images that appear along these waves of energy. These images may appear to you as colors, or sounds. They may be scenes from the time of Atlantis. They may be geometric shapes or the images of people you have known. In each instance, reach out to these images, bathing them and surrounding them in the pulsating waves of love that are emanating from your crystalline sacred heart.

Do not try to explain or interpret these images. That knowledge will come in a time of its own choosing, when appropriate. Simply envelope these images, these energy transmissions from the time of Atlantis in the overwhelming love that you now offer in service to the planet and humankind. Bring each of the remnants of these orphan energies into the oneness that exists between your central sun and the central sun of the Earth.

Allow the pure energy of the Divine to heal and reform these energies. Allow and surrender to the Divine plan that holds all of us in its loving hands. And most of all, allow yourself to release eons of pain and sadness, of guilt and shame. You who are incarnated now are not responsible for the errors in judgment that were made during the time of Atlantis.

You are not responsible for righting any wrongs, for in truth, there were no wrongs. There were merely the lessons learned by a civilization that had chosen a path of understanding. And that path involved one of the greatest collective initiations ever presented on this planet. We who lived in the time of Atlantis, and many of you were with us, did so with the life choice that we would experience from every angle, the separation between mind and heart. We chose experiences that heightened that understanding, and we entered into them by choice.

Today, we reach out again, in greater knowingness, to communicate to you all that we learned. We ask those of you who were there with us to also reach out with your understanding from these times, and communicate the same to those living around you. We do not wish to recreate the Atlantean cities of old, but we wish to create with you new communities; communities that grow and evolve from the love that we share and the desire to do this together.

We will never again introduce to you technologies that will create a separation of mind and heart. We will only bring these technologies into your consciousness when you yourselves have reached an anchored vibration of love and community. You will then create these tools again in the fourth or fifth dimensional plane of your existence. You will also add to them new and wonderful tools and technologies of your own.

We have learned much wisdom from our previous civilization that perished because of our lack of vision. We are longing to share what we have learned with those who administer your surface governments at this time. With open hearts, we invite all of you who desire and all those who have connections with us from your incarnated experiences on our former continent, to visit us here in Posid. Visit us in your etheric bodies and study with us the consciousness that lead to the fall, and eventual destruction of Atlantis. We now open our doors and have created special quarters in our city to receive all of you who wish to reconnect and interact with us. We invite you to come and observe, with love and without attachment, the weaknesses and imbalances that were created then, and to carry these lessons back to the surface, where the wisdom gained can imprint the consciousness of those who now govern your dimension, and have inclinations to create the same mistakes again.

While the halls of visitors and nightly classrooms of Telos are overflowing with an ever-increasing number of you, almost doubling your number each month by the thousands, enjoying your new training and reconnecting with so many former friends and family members, ours are almost empty. With great anticipation and love, we invite you to come here in your dream states, and visit us also in our Atlantean abode. There is so much our hearts long to share with you. We promise to give you just as pleasant and heartfelt reception in Posid than you are receiving from your Lemurian brothers and sisters in Telos. As much as you are longing to reconnect with your Lemurian family, we are longing to reconnect, heart to heart, with all of you as well. Nearly all of you, if not all, have had several incarnations in Atlantis as you did in Lemuria, and we consider you as well, our former family members.

The former exquisite beauty that Posid once held in the physical has been replicated by us in the fifth dimension, and of course, with a much greater level of beauty and perfection. You will be just as delighted to visit Posid, as you are Telos and other Lemurian cities. We also live a life of magic and para-dise that we wish to share with you in a near future.

The doors of Posid are open for all of you now who wish to rekindle the friendships of the past. Eventually, we will also play our role in association with the Lemurian emergence to the surface, and be once again, walking among you. We thank you for your understanding and for this opportunity to be heard through this publication. We bless you for your hearts that love us still.

I am Galatril, Atlantean brother of the past. On behalf of my brothers and sisters of Posid, we send you our love and compassion, and we also send you our deepest friendship and our support.

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