Éveillez l'humanité à la conscience Christique

Bientôt le temps arrivera où chacun devra manifester son propre « phare » et s'ouvrir aux cadeaux et aux habiletés qui résident déjà à l'intérieur de son cœur. ~~ Ahnahmar - Carte Telos

Message from Posid - Part 2

Galatril through Aurelia Louise Jones

Greetings and blessings to all of you gathered here today!

We are blessed by your interest and your love and also by your willingness to reconnect with us again. We are here today to share our love with you and to offer guidance and support. We ask that you now open your heart to us, as we open our hearts to all of you, in the allowance of the greatest opening for direct contact with us.

We have been asked today to speak about the Atlantean emergence that is gradually taking place through and together with the forthcoming Lemurian emergence in oneness and unity. It is with great joy and excitement that our two former civilizations are merging our energies to create a new color of love and unity on this planet. Beware of those who will try, in your dimension, to create the illusion of two separate emergences of our civilizations. We remind you of what we told you before. We, the ascended Atlantean civilization, are totally in the service of the Lemurian emergence, and we will emerge together with them, as one heart and as one family of Light.

Our journey of exploration during the time of Atlantis will once again be understood, and we will again take our place in the hierarchy of beings on this planet to include the highest ranks of priests and healers, magicians and sages. My dearest brothers and sisters, know that now, after a long dark night in our evolution, we have so much love and new wisdom to share with all of you. We are longing to be at your side and to comfort you in your journey.

We do not need any longer to offer penance for our prior actions. In truth, the time that we have spent working in service to the planet and humanity for the good of the whole since the fall of Atlantis, far exceeds the pain and the damage that we caused at the time. We give thanks with all of our beingness to the Lemurian Brotherhood of Light for assisting us unconditionally when we needed it the most. We thank them with all our hearts for their sustained love and for diligently working with us through our long period of healing.

It is now time for us to speak our truth about the time of Atlantis. It is for each one of you to perceive us in the new light we have embraced, It is now time for all of us together to hold hands and join hearts to allow the revelations of the new Lemuria to manifest as a reality in your world.

Our time in Atlantis was the grandest demonstration of the misuse of energy that this planet and the human race had yet experienced. We were given great gifts that we chose to corrupt. We have spoken to you before about our current misgivings concerning our actions during the great age of Atlantis. In our first transmission to you, we have asked for and received from all of you much forgiveness. We have released much of the denser heart energies, the pain and trauma that remained from the time of the destruction of Atlantis and we thank all of you for your compassionate heart.

Those of you who lived on Atlantis before and who suffered the fall have reached into the deepest parts of yourselves to release all of the anguish and mistrust that remained from that time. Much to our delight and heartfelt relief, we see you each day continuing with this clearing and healing. As each of you cleanses the old issues and resistance that you have towards your experiences in Atlantis, we are all able to move forward to new and greater expressions of the “Heart of Lemuria”.

Truly, we are now all one in our acknowledgement and acceptance of this higher dimension of love. It is now for you to bring this new dimension of love into the physicality of your dimension. Once this has taken place, the emergence together onto the planet of the Lemurian and Atlantean brotherhoods will become a reality for all of us. In fact, we have been here all along with you in your dimension, but your frequency did not allow you to perceive us. Actually, it is all of you who will be emerging into the higher vibration of your own divine essence, and connecting once again with our vibration. Not so much the other way around.

When that moment comes, we will all recognize each other as the true family that we are, and the labels of Lemurian or Atlantean will fall away, because we are now “one”. The labels you hold regarding countries or religions will fade away. Once again, we will all live together in unity and love.

Before that full emergence will take place in your dimension, many events and transformations will unfold on the surface. There are no victims in your world today. All the situations, global and personal, that you encounter in your daily life have been called into manifestation because you have created them. The greatest challenge you now face is to balance your own desires to harmonize with the greater good of all. Each of you must understand completely the power of creation that you hold in each moment.

The blessings of transformation on this planet are fully manifesting through the higher vibrational energies that are increasing and changing reality each and every day. The time of non-participation is over, and each of you is being asked to join in the great adventure. Each of you is being called to remember who you were in times past, the blessings and the pain, the joy and the sorrows. All past experiences will have their place, their wisdom and their use in your cosmic future.

In Atlantis, we chose to manipulate the energies available to us for self-centered purposes. You have reached a time in the evolution of your own journey on this planet where the lessons we all learned must now come into fruition. Your hearts must continue to stay open and to embrace all old and new experiences. Your minds, however, in concert with the universal mind, must recognize the truth. Atlantis became a civilization out of control. It became disconnected from the nurturing and fruitful energies of the heart and the soul. A great number of the Atlantean civilization became concerned only with the pursuit of knowledge and power at the expense of truth. We did not honor our Divine Essence or the grace that granted to us.

Your world today is facing very much of these same issues. Your present-day leaders are being questioned about their conduct and their motives, just as we questioned our leaders then. The answers that you are receiving are not striking a harmonious chord with the music of your souls. The words your leaders speak may, in some instances, sound correct, and the sentiments expressed may seem genuine. Yet when you examine them with the only meter that you have, your hearts, you know that you are being feed illusion, deception and treachery. And you also know that this illusion can no longer stand, as your Creator has decreed the “New Day of Light” for this planet.

You have all created the duality that you have come to accept and the veils that you are trying so hard to get rid of. They have been created to facilitate the learning of great lessons and the gathering of wondrous experiences. Just as we created our own veils of illusion in the time of Atlantis, and thought that we could play with the energies of creation and manifestation without consequences, so have you placed blinders on the effects of your own misuse of energy.

By energy, we do not only refer to the technologies that you employ in your present civilization to enhance your lifestyles. We do not speak only of the damage that is done to the environment of your planet, Mother Earth, and to the physical structure in the DNA of each of you. We do not speak only of the information manipulation that takes place in all of your media as a method of mind control.

We speak most importantly of the misuse of emotional energy. The emotional body is your true birthright and a great gift, and you have shut it down by denying it on a daily basis. As evolving beings of the human race, you have been gifted with an emotional body structure unlike any other, and to a lesser extent, so were the animals and plant life of your planet. And yet, you feel that this emotional body is your weakness, your “Achilles heal”, so to speak. For many of you, you feel that your emotional body is something to almost get rid of. You feel that you must contain its effects, dilute or put down its messages to you.

The true gift of the emotional body is the ability that each of you has to experience the widest possible array of scenarios over your multitude of lifetimes, and to bring this wealth of experiences back to the whole, back to all of us in the body of God. The impurity, the irrationality of the emotional body has allowed the full expression of all that you are, and in doing so, it has allowed the full expression of all that Spirit is. But this concept is ignored and forgotten. We attempted to override our emotions with the mind, forgetting that our emotions were the conduit to our hearts and souls.

You have been awarded a substantial opportunity to bring the full force of God through your emotional bodies. You are able to imbue these energies with the uniqueness that each of you possess. This uniqueness is a direct result of the emotional colorings that you have developed lifetime after lifetime in the electromagnetic and crystalline grid of the planet.

Your emotions are not energies to be ignored or subdued. They are not energies to be abandoned or mistrusted. They are truly and holy a representation of your individual flame that must be nourished in order to burn strong and pure. The mistake that was made in our time in Atlantis was the erroneous belief that we held that we could retreat from our hearts and from all that made us human, by bringing ourselves into a state of intellectual superiority. This was our greatest folly, as it is for many of those in power today in your world.

The greatest gift of inhabiting a body on this planet at this time is that you are human. You are a physical manifestation of Spirit’s divine grace and potential. You are the grounding point for the expression of God’s Will. There is no greater joy available than when one recognizes this truth and lives it on a daily basis.

You are also expressing through your emotional bodies the connection that exists between the physical and the etheric, between body and spirit. Each time you reach out to touch another being, and then connect through the vibrations created within their emotional matrix, you are reuniting the realms in a new and wondrous manner. You are creating colors and energies that have never existed before, new expressions and palates of love.

Our mistake was to feel that we needed great machines and systems of energy to create in this way. We forgot our connection to each other, and competed instead to see who could control the greatest amount of energy, as if this power brought us closer to realizing our God Presence. And of course, it could not and it did not. Only our connection to each other could do that.

Only through our love for each other could we truly touch and connect with the god within. Only through the full acceptance of our total emotional selves, in relation to one and to all, could we look again into our souls. It took our Lemurian brothers and sisters many lifetimes to show us and help us realize this truth. They supported us unceasingly with love and nurturing as we strove to release our old pictures and belief systems. They presented us with a glorious mirror of our true identity as divine beings, mirror that we totally rejected and ridiculed in the time of Atlantis and Lemuria.

Today, we present this same mirror, this same love and support to you. Reach out to us and touch us through your emotional bodies. We are here. Feel the strength and passion for life that emerges as you reconnect with all of yourself, as you reestablish pathways and conduits for the energies that surround you. Reach out through your emotions and touch the world around you. Allow yourself to feel the trees, the flowers, the animals in the fields, the song of a bird, the flowers in your garden and the comfort of your homes. Reach out and touch each other’s hearts in the most profound ways.

Together, we are creating the new Lemuria. Together, you are creating the opening that you desire for your emergence into the dimensions beyond yours. We wait for you, as we love you so dearly, keeping you always in our hearts.

Your Atlantean family of Light

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