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Grid Work of Adama

Adama through Aurelia Louise Jones

Questioner: Adama, you revealed that you are involved in grid work. We would like to know what grid you are working on and what is your role in the grid work.

Adama: Blessing Master Teachers, for you are all truly masters who have joined together in this Grand Experiment, for this is the first time that consciousness has been raised in this manner through the integration of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies concurrently.

I am involved in an energy grid inside the planet that works together with the physical crystalline structure on the surface of the planet; these grids have to do with the planet herself. The energies from that grid go out from within, and form an etheric grid around the planet. It has to do with the vibrational raising of energy, tying in with planetary shift, even with astrology such as times when activations take place when the magnetic and other planets move into proper position to allow those shifts to happen.

This grid is also connected with the Piscean energy, and has been used to hold the Christ energies. In the past, it has been used to hold these energies of the planetary grid until such a time that they can raise up again. As they begin now to shift into the Aquarian energy and we begin to turn back towards the Great Central Sun through the raising of consciousness, it is no longer necessary for the energies to be held here. These energies are now shifting to a more Aquarian, to a more feminine vibration or feminine expression of them. This does not mean that the masculine is being lost. It means that the both polarities are being integrated. The vibration that comes out of Lemuria, especially out of Telos is in itself such a generator of energy, because of its positions within Mount Shasta, where all energies that are being showered on your planet from the galactic cores and the Milky Way are hitting the planetary grid here in Mount Shasta which is the main entry point for this planet. From here, in matter of seconds and less than a minute those energies hit in succession all other major planetary points of the grid, which are situated on mountain tops, and from there are distributed over the rest of the grid. Each grid has various entry and exit points. The exit points are the areas where that energy is disseminated to other grids and the rest of the planetary energy pathways on the planet.

The grid that has been created by the Lemurian consciousness and love is also being mirrored in each one of you. This grid is being integrated into the sacred geometries of your bodies. The intention is to set a focus for the higher energies of divine purpose. There is a division now of energies on the planet, a division between personal and global consciousness. Although both levels of consciousness are in truth one and the same, for the time being there is an individuation between the two to allow the vibrational shift in each individual through free choice. This understanding was reached by the Lemurian High Council to reinforce on a cellular level the true dimensionality of this shift, and to fuse it into the collective consciousness of the human race.

Prior to this decision, it was thought that the global shift could happen with a series of infusions of energy to the planet herself, and through the planet to you. But you are as such the cells of the body of the planet, and we understand now that you must anchor and integrate the vibrations individually to fully account for all of the unique permutations of human consciousness. The DNA matrix (or crystalline grid) will shift in a slightly different manner for each individual, and in doing so will hold the full spectrum of vibration that is needed for a true global shift. As energies then harmonize for larger and larger groups of individuals who have accomplished their individual shifts, the global shift will happen in ever increasing waves.

There is a sound that accompanies this shift. It generates from the etheric realms, but it can be heard on this plane. We call it the "singing of the soul." Harps and lutes cannot produce as beautiful a sound as this wave of love that stirs from the soul and tickles the vibration of the heart and the eardrums simultaneously. We have a 3-stringed instrument in Telos that is played by caressing the strings, rather than plucking them, between the thumb, fore and middle fingers. This vibration is a bit different, but resonates in the same spectrum as the soul songs. It is most beautiful and inspirational.

The grid changes, the DNA matrix changes that are taking place in each one of you will allow your own songs to be heard. Each of you has your own song, and we sing them in recognition. They are like the other titles and names that you have that signify who you are by vibration. We truly celebrate you as you rediscover your songs. We grace your dreams with reminders in song to help you on your path.

Questioner: And our love joins together with yours for the grace of all.

Adama: My work has to do with holding and feeding to this grid the higher fourth and fifth dimensional energy vibration that is slowly being brought up on the planet from within. We work within the planet to help the energies rise through the planet itself so that you can feel it coming up that way, and we also send it out to key points through the north and south poles and other key points. This way, it gradually creates the energetics around the planet, and also feeds down to the Earth herself.

My role is one of administrator, an organizer of energy input and releases. I am an architect of the grid. As such as the structure of the grid itself is in place, there will be further modifications made to it, as enhancements in the flow of energies, a constant work in progress.

There are many, many beings that are also working with the grid. There have been references to different grids, but they are all as such multi-dimensional layers of one huge, extensive grid work, which is all being incorporated together now.

Questioner: What is the difference between the Kryon grid and your grid?

Adama: Different energies work with different components of the setting-up of it. The Kryon grid works primarily with the magnetic energy. We work with the crystalline grid, but it is also the coming together of different groups who have worked with all these energies over a long period of time to put the different components of this grid together. The new grid has been created as a result of the participation of many, many different energies. The Elohim, many extra-terrestrials energies such as the Arcturians, the Pleadians, the Andromadians, the Venusians, etc. that have actually come from other places, and so many other energies that have come in different ways. As we are all parts of a whole, it is now being formed as one whole that will work for and with the planet.

On those grids that are being put together, there are different entry points and exit points. There are different parts that work with different areas and there are different uses that can be brought to it at times. This is ultimately creating a new energy source around the planet that will be able to harvest and to hold all these wonderful energies that are being sent here. These energies are not coming in just as boom transmissions, but energies that will continue to form and hold around the planet. It is an ongoing process.

Questioner: Are they planning to restore the planet to its original perfection or is it going to be beyond that?

Adama: It is certainly the plan, and it is hoped for that it will be much beyond what it has ever been. But there is still now a question about how the planet is going to actually evolve, because again, this is coming through the planet Herself. There are many ideas, there are many ways that we wish to work with the planet, but so much of it is conditional upon a shift of the human consciousness that can allow these things to happen. There is actually a need for a much greater shift in the feminine energy on this planet, such that you are not continuing to tear down what is hoped to be built-up again.

At this point, there is again a real question, almost like a healing crisis that happens with individuals in terms of how far can we go? It is also a matter of what you choose to do to assist this process and how you choose to live with this planet. This is what we are waiting to see before we can go further with some of the work. There is so much that is going to happen in the next ten years in terms of energies and consciousness rising. It is important to see communities come together and show their full support to the Earth.

Questioner: As far as your emergence to the surface, are you going to wait until the consciousness has shifted a great deal or are you going to come out sooner?

Adama: We are planning to come out in different ways; we have a plan. We would like so much to see humanity starting to live from the heart all the time versus of having people hold off with a wait and see attitude. Some people who hear about us rationalize this theory with their minds and what others have to say, and decide they will believe our reality when they can see us in front of them. Our eventual emergence has much to do with everyone raising his or her own level of love and light vibration. Our connections will come in many different ways. When people’s heart connection with us will be more constant, then we will be there in the physical in a more constant way.

Our emergence will start very slowly with secret meetings with small groups of those who are very opened to us, whose level of vibration is maintained at a fourth dimension awareness at all times. As more and more people open up to their own God-Self and to unconditional love, the circles of those with whom we meet will gradually expand. Also know that these meetings will not take place in a third dimensional vibration. You will certainly have to meet us half way in your love and light vibration. As the energies continue to shift on this planet, this will soon be possible for many of you drawn to this material. We have by now witnessed such great heart openings and received such a great heart-felt welcome and love from the French populations by the publishing of the first and second book, that it is giving us great hopes that within the next couple of years, we may be allowed by the galactic federation to start small clandestine physical gatherings with those who will reach the level of vibration and purity of intent to be able to be in our presence. We ask you to let go of the old 3D distorted energies and move on to the new with love and joy. This is your key. It is with great anticipation that we are waiting your greater awakening to unite with you once again.

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