Éveillez l'humanité à la conscience Christique

Libère les Clés de Sagesse simples et précieuses de ton Cœur. Intègre cette sagesse merveilleuse dans le quotidien de ta vie, afin de manifester, dans le moment présent, la Divinité Incarnée. ~~ La Déesse Lémurienne - Carte Telos.

How to Raise One's Consciousness

Channeled through Aurelia Louise Jones

I AM Adama from Telos. How to raise one's consciousness is a broad subject, dear ones that could fill an entire encyclopedia if written in books.

The answer to this question is like a diamond with several thousand facets, each facet representing an avenue in which you raise your consciousness above and beyond your present understanding of what life is about on this planet.

Before you would want to raise your consciousness, perhaps you should ask yourself a few questions such as:

  • What does it means to raise my consciousness?
  • Why would one want to do this?
  • What happens when one raises their consciousness?
  • How will it affect my present life?
  • What could be the results of such a spiritual journey, that literally never ends?

Once you start contemplating the answers to those questions deeply in your heart, you are already starting the process. Your own GodSelf will step in, in the measure you will allow it. It will start sending you some promptings and guidance to assist you with the process. And it is a process, dear ones. It unfolds increment by increment according to your own unique pathway, and according to the level of action and intensity you are putting in the process.

Once you develop a more expanded understanding for the questions above, raising your consciousness will become so much easier. You can almost make a fun game of unlimited discoveries with it.

Let me give you, if you will, a brief description for each one of these questions, and I leave you with the homework of expanding these concepts a thousand times more; not so much in your mind, but mainly in your heart. Your heart, dear ones, is the supreme intelligence of your soul.

What does it mean to raise or expand your consciousness? It means to start becoming more conscious at all levels and aspects of your life. No more living on automatic pilot.

It means to stop the madness in your life, at least for some period of time each day, in meditation or contemplation for the purpose of exploring the "real Self". Start opening yourself to all possibilities. Explore the wonders and the glory that are contained within yourself, around you, in nature and everywhere on your planet and in this Universe. Explore the intricacies and complexities of other kingdoms on this Earth that you never paid attention to before. Explore your heart and discover the golden angel that lives within it that is the GodSelf of who you truly are, another aspect of your eternal identity.

Start exploring the vastness, the wonders of Love and Patience of the being whom you call Mother Earth. She ensouls and provides life, intelligence and energy for every living particle on Earth, including all kingdoms visible and invisible. Your Earth Mother is the One who, for millions of years of evolution, has provided for you Her body for your platform of evolution. As you honor Her and Her body, she is one who can assist you mightily in raising your consciousness and vibrations.

Start now the most wondrous journey of self-discovery of who you truly are, as an unlimited divine being having a temporary human experience.

Why would I want to raise my consciousness? The human experience has been rather difficult and full of challenges on Earth for the last several thousands of years mainly because the level of consciousness surface dwellers on this planet have fallen to. You have allowed yourself, very gradually, to descend from heights of glory of higher consciousness of the first three golden ages to your present way of life that are not outpicturing the divine being that you are. In general, humans have lost their contact with their own GodSelf, and in many ways, you are still worshipping a God outside of yourself.

As you raise your consciousness again to the level of your GodSelf, embracing your divinity in its full extent, all your former gifts that are your divine birthright will be restored. You will, once again, be able to demonstrate in your daily life the ease, magic and grace of the unlimited God that you truly are beyond the veil.

You will raise yourself up forever above the pains and sufferings of the present limitations you have been living with.

What happens when one raises their consciousness? It will be helpful for you to spend time to become aware of how limited you are. Next spend time to contemplate the true meaning of freedom, and what freedom means to you personally. Decide what it is that you want for your life. How would you like to see your life unfold? What are your dreams? What would you like to manifest or become with your present incarnation? What are your goals? Do you realize that you can have it all when you raise your consciousness above your limited perceptions? This is how we have created such a paradise and a life of perfection in Telos. We opened our heart and mind to perceive the perfection and limitlessness that were intended as a way of life on this planet.

This is how it was for three long eras of golden ages on this planet millions of years ago before the fall in consciousness. The fall of mankind is not about the eating an apple by Eve like some of you still believe. This is an allegory or a metaphor. The fall was about a compromise in the high level of consciousness that was attained in those days. It was created by a desire to experience polarity and separation from God. This created a rift in the perfection that existed at the time, and the knowledge of the magic of high consciousness gradually began its descend into that rift of duality that you are now experiencing. Your former knowledge has been lost to your outer awareness, lets us say for millions of years.

This means, beloved ones, that you still possess this knowledge in the deep recesses of your soul and subconscious mind and that you can resurrect it back to your present awareness. As you let go of the erroneous and distorted beliefs that have limited you for so very long, you will be able to remember your former state and totally manifest it in your present physical life.

How will it affect my present life? As you start raising your consciousness, your desires, your interests and your priorities will change. You will start to realize that you, and only you, is the creator and the prime authority for your life, in spite of all other external appearances. You will use your new awareness and the knowledge you are gaining by the expansion of your consciousness to create a new reality for yourself, the one you always wanted, with no limitations.

You will start creating a life surrounded with more beauty, more joy, more ease, flow, love and happiness that you could ever thought possible. And this is how raising your consciousness will affect your present life. Gradually, as you start opening your hearts more to the possibility of this new reality, as you start clearing your emotional and mental bodies of old belief systems that no longer serve you and keeping you in your present limitations, all your desires and your dreams will start manifesting as your reality. You will be free to live the kind of life you always wanted, no matter what it is that you have desired.

What could be the results of raising my consciousness? The results are infinite and unlimited. In your cosmic evolution, you will continue to raise your consciousness forever, unto eternity. You will recognize your real identity as an eternal and immortal God/Goddess, as a child of Love, created by Love. You will know that from Love you came and to greater and greater Love shall you ever expand into. You are the child of the most omniscient and glorious God, created with all the same attributes, a duplicate, if you will, and nothing less. Your loss memory will be restored.

Even if there are rocks or boulders to remove in the way; even if there are thorns to love back to smoothness, steep climbs to conquer at the beginning of your journey, don't you want to move out of the small box in which you have been living in and explore what else can be available for you on your planet? This search for Truth could open for you a life of such great delights and wonders beyond your wildest dreams.

Ask yourself, are you an isolated civilization living on this planet or are we all brothers and sisters, born out of the Love of the same Creator? Are you alone or are you part of a vast and infinite creation with limitless diversities? As you come out of the little box you have been living in, you will certainly discover the "real world", and you will realize that your little box has been an illusion, because you are not separate and you are not alone. You are part of All That Is, Love without end.

What does it mean to ride the wave of Ascension? You are destined to eventually raise your consciousness from glory to greater and greater glories unto eternity. Most people on the surface are dreaming of going to heaven when they die. Now with the new cycle unfolding on this planet, you will no longer have to die to go to heaven. Heaven will soon manifest right here on Earth for all those who will choose to ride the wave of ascension. Won't you start your most awesome journey now? Or do you choose to remain the consciousness of human shackles? Once you have deepened these questions, begin your sacred journey if you have not already started.

Open your heart and consciousness to the other kingdoms of the Earth. You will discover how magical and harmonious they are. Seek to understand who the animals really are and what their role is on this planet, and how they can help you also. Other than categorizing them by species, looks, size and breeds, humans on this planet know or understand very little about animals. Open your heart and mind to what is above, below and around you in the visible and invisible that you never observed. As you do this, you will start to open yourself to unconditional love and to such wonders, that you will be raising your consciousness with the waves of ascension energies that are now flooding this planet.

Your ascension to Freedom, your crowning of the thousands of life times spent on this planet, laboring and evolving is now at hand. Never in Earth's history has the ascension been made so easy as it is now offered to you at this time of ascension cycle for your Earth Mother. Won't you ride the wave of ascension with Her? Your ascension to your spiritual freedom has been the goal of all your incarnations since the beginning of time. This goal has eluded you for so very long that most of you have forgotten that this has been all along the goal of each of your incarnations to take the required spiritual initiations that will eventually lead you to this goal.

Never before in all of Earth's history, has the ascension to Freedom and to a life of Divine Grace been offered as a possibility to be attained in a few short years. Will you take it now or will you wait another 25,000 years for the next round of ascension on another planet, experiencing the same difficulties you have been subjected to for so very long? The choice is yours, dear ones. In Love and Compassion, I am sending you this wake-up call.

I am Adama, your brother and friend.

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