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Emergence Update

Channeled through Aurelia Louise Jones

Many of you already know that a great number of us are planning to eventually emerge to the surface when enough of you are ready and willing to receive us along with our teachings. It will be our pleasure to reconnect with all of you face-to-face and teach you all we know.

We will teach you how to create a life of magic and paradise for yourself, and your loved ones, right where you are. We ask you to assist in spreading the awareness of our presence within Mount Shasta to all of those whose consciousness is ready to receive this information. Do what you can to support our emergence to the " surface," and it is my promise that you will never regret it.

We notice that many of you want to know time and dates; some of you are almost getting impatient. We ask you to understand that the time of our emergence does not depend on us; " we are ready." It is the surface folks, the collective, who are not yet ready to receive us. To come out prematurely would be defeating the purpose of our emergence and would create definite setbacks.

What will be required of us for you to come out?

First of all, we monitor and register the love and light quotient of the surface population. We measure the level of compassion and heart opening of the collective. At this time, it is about 65%. In order for us to come out, it will require a percentage of about 90%. This is only one of the factors we examine. There are several others we also consider very important. Much will depend on the level of consciousness and evolution of the collective, their awareness of higher ­vibrations of love, and their willingness to live their lives as divine beings.

You are now embarked on the grand adventure of ascension. Those who will be able to stay on the planet beyond the next decade are those who have chosen to embrace their Christhood and Divinity. Personal and planetary events are going to become your mentors to assist you in that direction. After millions of years of evolution on this planet, our Earth Mother has chosen to move on in Her own personal evolution and to take along with Her those of humanity who are ready to make the same choice.

As a result of her choice, the Creator has given the Earth a mighty dispensation of Light and Love. Your planet is now flooded with new energies unlike ever before. These energies are increasing in intensity, velocity and frequency with each passing day. Seven major gateways have opened from the Creator Source in 2002 that will greatly transform your planet by the year 2012 and beyond. In a hundred years from now, your planet will be totally transformed.

Each of those gateways contains a number of sub-gateways and portals that all of you must pass through in order to move on to the next step. By 2012, or perhaps a bit sooner, many of the " initiates" will be lifted to a fifth dimensional reality, in a world of magic and paradise. In a little while, your planet will be transformed enough to become almost unrecognizable according to your present standards of living.

The intensity of Light is increasing daily. This will assist you in the great transformation that is needed in your passage into the most awesome and greatest adventure of all of your lifetimes together. The bottom line is " you will have to embrace your Christhood or get off the planet." For this, you will be given more assistance than ever before.

This is the meaning of the second coming. All life on Earth will soon return to the original perfection it was endowed with at the beginning of Her creation. There are other planets like Earth where people are still enjoying separation from God and the way of violence. There will be many new alternative choices for the souls who decide to stay behind.

What does this have to do with our emergence? Beloved brothers and sisters, we are looking forward to joining with you as much as you are with us. We will not come to the surface until the majority of the people on this planet have embraced love, compassion and harmlessness towards all life forms and all kingdoms. It will also be required that a certain percentage of the population, not yet determined, will be aware of our emergence and welcome it. These are two main factors that will determine the time of our emergence, and there are several other considerations that will also come into play.

With the events that will soon be surfacing for all of you, we hope that by 2006 to 2007 or shortly after, there will be enough positive changes in the heart of humanity, and the political scene, that we could begin to emerge to the surface in greater numbers to assist you, along with your Earth Mother, in going the rest of the way on your ascension process.

When you are tempted to ask us dates for our emergence, we turn the question back to you by asking you if you have yet met the requirements. Dear ones, when will you and the collective be ready to receive us? It is really up to you to do your homework and prepare yourself and others who are open for the awesome experience of our emergence among you.

Do you have an emergence plan?

Yes, we certainly do. We have an emergence plan that must remain undisclosed, one that will unfold with top secrecy and in a clandestine way. At first, in various places, we will meet secretly with small groups of people to give them direct teachings and transmissions of our love and energies. These small groups will then go out and transmit our teachings to others who are ready and willing to hear. As more people become ready to meet with us, the circle of those with whom we will meet will become greater and gradually grow to large groups.

As this momentum grows, more of us will come out to assist. When enough of these groups are formed around the planet, and their members have kept their covenant with us, we will then gradually allow more and more people to meet directly with us, until we have totally emerged among you.

It might also please you to know that several of our people are already doing wondrous work in your dimension to prepare the way. None of them are allowed yet to identify themselves to " surface" folks. They are here incognito, and this is the way it must remain for the time being. Unless your vibration, alignment and motivation resonate with a fifth dimensional consciousness, they will not contact you. Many of you are under the impression that we will come in your vibration, but this is not the case.

The second wave of our greater emergence will not take place in the third dimensional frequency.

The rest of us are not planning to lower our vibration to your level. Except for those who are already living in that level of vibration, though we will be tangible among you, not everyone will be able to see and interact with us directly. Understand that we may be physical, but we vibrate at a frequency that is much higher and faster than yours, thus invisible to most of you as yet. Until then, it is your job to raise your vibration and consciousness at least two-thirds of the way to meet ours. This means that you will have to elevate your vibration to almost a fifth dimensional level in order to meet us consciously.

This indicates that when a greater number of us will be mingling casually among you, at first, there will be those who will perceive and see us, just as tangibly as you see and perceive each other. There will, however, be the majority who will not. Gradually, it will come to pass that more and more " surface" folks will raise their vibration to the desired level, and will join the ranks of those who can see and interact with us.

We will then have an engagement together, if you choose to meet the conditions. With open hearts, we are waiting your readiness. We bless you and hold each one of you very dear in our souls.

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