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Votre test présentement est de vous autoriser à faire confiance au Divin de nouveau. Adama, livre Telos

Telos codes of Entry

Channeled through Aurelia Louise Jones

From those of you who have become aware of our existence beneath Mount Shasta, we feel your great longing to come to Telos and meet us face to face. We feel your great desire to experience the wonders and magic of an enlightened civilization. We feel your longing to reconnect with your former family members who are living in Telos or elsewhere in the New Lemuria.

On the inner plane, we are hearing your call, "When can we come to visit Telos"? "When will the doors of Telos be opened to surface dwellers"?

Beloved ones, we want to share with you that your long wait is almost over. We foresee that approximately within 5 years from now, we will start inviting small groups of surface dwellers to come for a visit. We would like you to experience what can be accomplished on the surface when the majority of the surface population adopts our way of life. You will acquire a totally new perspective of how wonderful life on this planet can become if lived according to divine principles and true brotherhood.

It is important for you to realize that at first and for quite some time, the visitations will be made by personal invitations only. Do not be concerned how these invitations will come about, when your turn to be "on the list" comes, we will have many avenues to make our invitation known to you, no matter where you live. Because we live in a fifth dimensional awareness and perfection while maintaining a level of physicality, we have a rather strict code of entry that all those who will be invited will have to meet first. Be assured that your personal invitation will not be forthcoming until you meet the requirements of that code of entry.

To explain in detail the full implication of our requirements is not the purpose of this message. Nevertheless, let me give you a general overview of what will be required.

First of all, only those who have attained close to a 5th dimensional awareness in their consciousness will be qualified. This means that they will have to embrace unconditional love for Self and for others as well as for all parts of life and all kingdoms. The duality consciousness will have to be unified at least to a 90% degree. The way of harmlessness will have to be embraced in every area of your life. I leave it up to you to probe into your heart as to what this all means. This is your homework dear ones. It will lead you to Selfdiscovery, to the wonders of who you really are that have eluded you for so very long.

Secondly, you will have to clear and heal your emotional body of all negativity, past and present. This means that all past records of pain, anger, grief, guilt, sorrows, trauma, shame, addictions, hopelessness, low selfesteem, negative imprints, miasms, etc, will have to be embraced and released from your subconscious mind, solar plexus and emotional body. Because the high energy frequency vibration of Telos, any emotions or thoughtform outpicturing less than divine love would be amplified over a thousand times in your mind and feeling. We know that unless you have diligently cleared those records, this could be traumatic and it would not be possible for you to stay in our vibration for more than a few minutes.

Thirdly, only those who have completed their seventh spiritual initiation will be eligible for our codes of entry. On this planet, the Office of the Christ under Lord Maitreya and Lord Sananda, (known as your beloved Jesus in his earth ministry 2000 years ago), is the place where you can apply to receive these initiations on the inner planes. Most of you are not consciously aware that these initiations take place on the inner planes but nevertheless, they are taking place by how you live your daily life and unfold your consciousness regarding all aspects of your life. Passing those initiations and moving on to ascension and spiritual freedom has been the goal of all your many life times on this planet and that goal has eluded you, seemingly for thousands of years. The seventh initiation is certainly not the end of your evolution on this planet, but our codes of entry require for the candidate to come to Telos that he/she has attained at least that level. With the new dispensations these initiations can be completed faster now than ever before in the history of earth's evolution. What used to take thousands of years to achieve, you can now accomplish, if you choose, within the next 5 years.

For each specification we have just mentioned there are many more ramifications. It is not our desire to make you feel that these goals are unattainable and leave you hopeless. We know that you can all do this in the required time. There are several thousand people on this planet who have already reached these levels of initiations and beyond in the last few years. You may find them among some of the people you meet daily in your entourage. It is not necessarily obvious. Those who have attained and know it, usually keep this information to themselves. Many more are constantly adding to the ranks of those who are achieving. We mention these requirements to you because there are many of you who are already familiar with us but are not aware that there are codes of entry to come to Telos. Everyone who enters our doors, no matter who they are and where they come from, need to meet the level of spiritual development needed to be introduced to a fifth dimensional vibration.

As you diligently do your spiritual work and gain momentum on your path of ascension, you will soon come much closer to these goals. As you open your heart to love, you will find that they are much easier to attain than the difficult situations in your lives you have been experiencing. The refinement that these initiations will bring to your consciousness will open the doors for you not only of Telos, but also of the New Lemuria, places of magic and wonders.

Remember always that Love is the key, dear ones. Love will open all doors to you as you start embodying that Love that you are and quickly propel yourself on the highest level of your pathway to your limitless spiritual freedom. From Love you came and to Love you now return.

I am Adama, your Lemurian brother; I wait for you on the other side of the initiations of your Christhood.

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