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Animals in Telos

Channeled through Aurelia Louise Jones

In Telos, we have many species of animals that we saved from extinction. When we knew that our continent was going to be destroyed, and we built our underground city to preserve our lives and all ancient records of our civilization, we also saved a few of every species of animals that were in existence at the time. In this regard, we can be compared as an earlier, but much more extensive version of the biblical story of Noah who saved in the Arch two members of each species. Most of these species are still alive and in our care to this day, except for those who have chosen as a species to return to their place of origin.

The demise of Lemuria happened at least 1500 years prior to the sinking of Atlantis, and the number of species we saved was much larger, by far, in number than the one recorded in your bible history as the final sinking of Atlantis. At the time of the sinking of Atlantis, many of the species of animals present prior to the destruction of our continent were already extinct from the surface.

We say to you that animals embody again and again, just like you do. Their embodiments are always extensions of a much larger whole. All of us, including the animals, are extensions of a vast Being of Light, so vast and so wondrous, that you will stand in absolute wonderment the day you open up to the understanding of your true Divinity. It is referred to as the concept of multi-dimensionality, a concept that remains very difficult to be fully comprehended by the limitations of a third-dimensional mind.

God in his great Love and Nature of constantly creating is forever extending and expanding Himself in a wider and wider spectrum of various manifestations. The animal kingdom is just one among many of these infinite expansions. All are part of God, dear ones, ALL. When you allow yourself to hurt one part of Life (God) you are hurting the whole, including yourself.

On the Inner Planes, all animals have great intelligence, and they are very different than you could ever imagine in your current awareness. Some of them rule worlds and planets. Animals live in many dimensions. All animals have an over-soul or a higher-self just like all humans do, but it is of a slightly different nature. The difference is that they are created to be part of another kingdom than you are. Thus, they are also extensions of a much larger body of consciousness, another aspect of Divinity.

Consciousness extends itself from the highest levels of the Godhead to the lowest level of the first dimension of the rocks and minerals. All are God in various expressions.

The higher the dimension, the greater is the understanding of Love and the more expanded the awareness. Animals are sharing your planet with you because, just like you, they have chosen to come here to have a third-dimensional experience. They have also come as helpers and teachers to assist mankind in ways you do not yet understand. Because they chose to come in a body that is different than yours, it does not make them inferior to you. Even if they were, there is no moral and spiritual justification for the way so many animals are presently being treated on the Earth's surface. Their bodies are just an overtone lower than yours in your third-dimensional expression.

Let's be clear on that. There is not the difference you have been led to believe for so very long. Many humans on the surface have used this excuse as a passport for animal exploitation.

In your limited understanding, you have allowed yourself to see many species of animals become commodities for selfish means or for profit. We say this is not what or who they are. The golden rule needs to be applied for all sentient beings, not just for the human kingdom. If you wish to move forward on the platform of your own evolution, you can achieve it only by according unconditional love in words, thoughts, feelings and deeds toward all life forms and all kingdoms living on this planet.

Love is the only key. There is none other. There is not a speck of creation that has not manifested through love. Thus, there is not a speck of creation that you can choose "not to love" if you wish to move forward.

In the spirit world, animals function from the fourth and fifth-dimensional levels. They are all connected to a higher body of Light. All humans are also connected to their own Higher-Selves, referred to as their "I AM Presence," existing in higher dimensions and also living in the heart of each one.

The Higher-Self of your being, your own God-Self, is a glorious, great intelligent, powerful being of unlimited perfection and splendor. This is really who you truly are. Your third-dimensional life on Earth reflects only a very small portion of the Divinity of who you truly are.

In creation and in the Higher Realms, there is no such thing as lesser, lower, better than, not so good as, etc. These are all labels of limited human awareness. All are equally loved, and considered as expressions of God in constant motion (evolution). There is a difference between you and the animals, but it is not what you have been led to believe. My friends, in the subterranean cities, we have much respect for animals and we consider them as our younger brothers and sisters on the ladder of evolution. We treat them with the same consideration we would like to receive for ourselves.

Let's say that in a human family, for example, there are 10 children. Would you say that the younger ones are inferior to the older ones just because they have less life experience, and do not yet know as much as the older ones? Would you say that the younger ones are not deserving to be treated with as much love and consideration because they were born later than you and can be rightfully abused, just because they are not yet as developed as the older ones?

I would think not, because you know very well that in a few years they will catch up. So it is, my friends, with the animals. In the hierarchy or family of the body of the One God, the animals who share our planet are the younger members. It is my expectation that you will understand the point I am trying to make. Everything in creation has consciousness, from the greatest to the smallest. Ultimately, all are considered equal.

As I mentioned before, we have in our care in Telos a large number of species of animals that have been extinct from Earth's surface for a very long time. Other civilizations who have been underground longer than we have also hold in their care a large number of animal species who have been extinct from the surface much longer. We have many species of cats of all sizes. Their sizes vary between five to six pounds to several hundred pounds. We have species of dogs and horses who are more evolved than the ones you know on the surface, and who will bring you much delight when they will eventually be allowed to emerge among you.

Most of our animals are larger than the ones you now have. For example, many of the big cats are almost twice the size of the ones on the surface. Many horses are larger, but some have retained a size that you will really be able to enjoy.

Our animals are very dear to us. Be assured that they will not be released into your hands until violence is totally eliminated from your world.

  • All of our animals are gentle and have never been exposed to negativity or violence of any sort. Anyone can walk up to any of them in total safety, and cuddle with them.
  • None of our animals have any fear of humans, neither do they kill nor eat each other. They are all vegetarians.
  • Our animals have never been hunted or caged. They are allowed to live their full lifespan, which is much longer than surface animals.

Be assured that we will not take the chance of releasing any of them to the surface civilizations as long as there is the slightest possibility for any of them to be hurt or receive less love than they are accustomed to be receiving here.

We recognize the unique intelligence each species of animal comes with, and we have no need ever to try bringing them into any level of submission. They are docile and willing to please. Telepathic communication is all that is needed for us to have total cooperation with them.

On behalf of all civilizations of the Earth Within, I say to you that it is with great joy and anticipation that we will watch all of you, our dear brothers and sisters, open your minds and hearts to the animal kingdom and start changing the way you have been perceiving and treating them.

We send you our Love, our Light and our Friendship. We are very much looking forward to the time of our emergence to the surface, to be once again with you, to shake your hands and to teach you what we have learned from living for thousands of years in the vibration of Love, Peace and Brotherhood without the interference of wars, control, greed, fear, manipulation and endless bureaucracy.

The time is soon at hand for our two civilizations to unite in the spirit of a grand cosmic family after thousands of years of physical separation. When we emerge from our subterranean abodes, through a maze of tunnels leading to every country and city of the planet, it will be a time of great rejoicing for all those who will open their hearts and minds to receive us.

It will be for the "deliverance" of your struggles, pains and sorrows. Our intentions will be to help you create the kind of life you have been longing for so very long. Together, we will forge a very bright future for all of us, citizens of the New Earth. It will be a win-win situation for all. We are your senior brothers and sisters, and we love you all very dearly.

I Am Adama, your Lemurian Brother.

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