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The New Lemuria

Channeled through Aurelia Louise Jones

There is a common belief among the surface population that Lemuria has been destroyed under the waves of the Pacific Ocean over 12,000 years ago, and that it no longer exists.

In a third dimensional perspective, this is entirely true. The thermo-nuclear blast that destroyed most of our continent along with almost 300 million of our people, created a most painful devastation to the physical surface of this planet and its inhabitants than any one of you could possibly imagine. It also created a tremendous shock to your Mother Earth. Almost overnight, in its final stage, the continent of Mu, our beloved Lemuria, who was considered by all the "Motherland", the cradle of civilizations for this planet, had vanished. The rest of the world was utterly stunned, mourning the loss. The pain of the lost of the Motherland was so great, that even today of your time, most of the people on this planet are still carrying this pain and the trauma deep seated in their cellular memory.

The souls of those who perished at the time were the most devastated, and they are the ones who are still carrying the most pains and traumas in every part of their being to this day. Many of you on the surface who have formerly perished in the blast have completely closed yourselves to the memory of your glorious Lemurian ancestry because, for you, the ending was so tragic and so painful. Your pains and grief have been buried deep within your subconscious, waiting for the time it can surface again to be healed. The purpose of the transmission of this information is to assist all of you who will read these words to start consciously to heal those records, first within yourself, and also for the planet. For this, with great love and compassion, we offer you our assistance.

To all of you reading these words, let us say to you that Lemuria has never been totally destroyed as it has been perceived in your present timing. It still exists to this day in a fourth and fifth dimensional frequency, not yet visible to your third dimensional vision and perception. As the veil between those dimensions continues to become increasingly thinner, we want to assure you that in a not too distant future, your beloved Lemuria, in Her new Splendor and Glory, will reveal Herself to you in a very physical and tangible way. As you open yourself up to a higher conscious way of living and purify yourself of all distorted and erroneous belief systems you have embraced in the last millennia, you will be able to perceive your beloved Motherland, once again, and eventually be allowed to step in to be received by Her with all the Love and Splendor She has now to offer. You will be invited to, once again, join us very tangibly in this place of paradise. At the time of the blast, Lemuria and what it represented to this planet was lifted into a 4th dimensional frequency. It continued to thrive and evolve to the level of perfection and beauty it has now reached with those who were able to come along at the time.

If this information brings tears to your eyes and opens your heart to heal those pains that have been buried within you for so very long, let it flow, let it flow. Allow the flow of your tears to bring healing to every part of your being. Allow yourself to really feel it, and embrace it in the heart through the breath. Allow all remembrances and pains to be felt fully without suppressing any. This is how you will bring forth your healing, increment by increment. As you inhale it through the breath, your GodSelf will dissolve and heal those imprints forever. Ask your Higher Self to assist you to uncover those records that are holding you back from unfolding your new glorious reality. In your daily meditation, we ask you to do this work faithfully until you feel a completion. Connect with us and with our Love heart to heart. You may ask for our assistance, and we will be there with you as you do this most important inner work. Gradually, the deep-seated pains will be lifted and you will be much lighter. The clearing of this pain will also assist you in perceiving much more of who you really are. It will allow you to make giant leaps into your full spiritual resurrection.

Now with the assistance of 7 new major gateways opening in the year 2002 and at the beginning of 2003 to assist your planet in her ascension, this work will be made easier for all of you. As you ride the wave of ascension with us, the time of your sufferings and challenges will be much shortened. Your glorious future in the New Lemuria is now on the horizon for all of you who will consciously choose it.

This channel, Aurelia Louise was granted a while ago the opportunity of a quick, momentary glimpse of the New Lemuria. She was deeply touched and she knows with absolute certainty in her heart that what we are writing through her at this time is not simply a promise that remains in a distant future. She has seen some of it. She knows with every cell of her being that this manifestation could possibly become a reality within this decade for many of you or soon after. The ball is in your court!

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