Éveillez l'humanité à la conscience Christique

La clé pour franchir les leçons que vous devez tirer des épreuves, c'est de vous y abandonner. ~~ Telos, Tome 3 page 215

Wake-Up Call from the Redwood Trees

Channeled through Aurelia Louise Jones, Mount Shasta

We are the "Giants", the remnants of a very ancient civilization that most of you have long forgotten. The millennia have come and gone, and we are still here, in gradually decreasing numbers, at the hand of rapacious loggers whose only consideration for us is the amount of money they can rake from reducing our population day by day.

As a species of collective Devic Intelligence, our presence has graced this planet for millions of years, way back to the time of the magical Land of Pan. For millions of years, the people of this planet have held the greatest awe and respect for the beauty and wisdom we hold and for the deep sense of peace and harmony we radiate far and wide from the surroundings where we abide. Those who have the ability to communicate and interact with us consciously receive our gifts and the knowledge we possess. Unknown to most of you, we have much knowledge and wisdom to share. Someday, you will wake up to this reality, and wish you had been more conscious of who we are and the important contributions we have made on your planet.

We lived and thrived on the ancient continent of Lemuria, far beyond this western shore. At one time, our Spirit and physical form were spread nearly everywhere on this planet. At this time, we are the only survivors on the surface of this planet of the glory and the beauty that once was. We are the historians and your connecting link to your ancestors, of your roots and your past-selves of the Lemurian civilization and beyond. People have complained again and again that Lemuria was lost without any trace. And we tell you that "we are here, unacknowledged". We are the Ones who have survived the cataclysmic changes that occurred twelve thousand years ago, and we have stayed here on your Pacific Coast for your benefit. Why have you not recognized us and appreciate the great service that we, as a species, have offered to your planet for so very long and the great service we have continued to provide to you to this very day on your coast, in spite of the gradual and constant destruction of our species by your present unconscious civilization?

In the millions of years of our service to this planet, no civilization has ever sought to eliminate us so heartlessly and callously as the twentieth century American people have, at the hand of your industrial giants, and with the full support of your government. Governments are responsible to support the long-term benefit of the whole, as well as the short term benefits, not only the short term benefits of the lobbying exploiters. For the sake of a few dollars in the hands of the few, you are eliminating your ancient heritage and destroying the Beings who are protecting you. What you are doing, as an analogy, is the equivalent of a biblical story you all know, of the one who traded all the wondrous gifts and wealth of his birthright for a bowl of lentils. It can also be compared to the dogs that bite the hands that feed and love them.

Always, in all regions and eras, we have been honored and loved for all the gifts from the Earth we were able to freely distribute to all. Very few people would ever consider destroying us the way it is done today in this country, as it would have been considered an outrage and a raping of one of Earth's most precious treasures. The West coast of the United States is now all that is left of ancient Lemuria's last treasures; and up until about 60 years ago, thousands upon thousands of acres graced and blessed the West Coast of this country. Now there are only a few meager strips of us left here and there "for show". All the beauty of the past is about gone in the name of a false sense of "progress", and replaced with much ugliness. You are so far removed in your awareness of true beauty and values that few of you have even noticed. As a race and a humanity, where have you invested your values?

Although most of us, as a species, have been destroyed by your modern technology and because of your lack of awareness and consideration for the treasures of this Earth, our Spirit continues to live. Every time one of us perishes from the mechanical saws of the lumbermen, the Spirit of the dying tree moves on to another dimension for a new incarnation where we are loved, honored and appreciated. Our species, as a collective Devic Intelligence, also lives in many higher dimensions of this planet and beyond, where we thrive and where the inhabitants cherish our presence and our gifts. We live in great numbers inside the Earth, in the Inner Earth, the Middle Earth and the subter-ranean cities of this planet where we grace the lives of the loving and wise beings who reside in those wondrous places.

You have so much more to learn, my friends, of the "real values" of Life! If our words seem harsh to you, take them as a wake up call, a plea of compassion for all other Life forms on this planet that are receiving equivalent treatments from humanity that we do. Ultimately, when you have reached a state of evolution high enough to understand the Eternals Laws of Oneness with all life, you will know that the love and compassion you accord to another, no matter form it takes, you are doing it for you own benefit as well. As you trash the Earth and its many kingdoms, ultimately, those energies will return to you. You will become, in your subsequent incarnations, the recipients of your own trashing. These are the immutable cosmic Laws of the One, which the whole of Creation is based on.

In all enlightened societies, no one ever cuts our bodies in the form of giant trees for their personal uses (and never for profit) until our incarnation in this form is complete and we have departed our Spirit from that form. It is only then that the wood is cut with great respect and skill, and used for multiple purposes. The wonderful wood we provide is also part of the many gifts we endow this planet with. As a gift to you all from our Spirit, we were never meant to be monopolized by a few profiteers to be sold by multi-million industrial corporations who hold no love or connection with Nature and Devic Evolution. We belong to all, no one has any right to "own us" and "dispose" of us as they please. Neither can you ever claim to own a piece of land. By Divine Rights, all land belongs to the body of your beloved Earth Mother. She is sovereign. If you think you own a piece of land or rights to some land, "at best", you are only temporary stewards of that land, and you are totally accountable to Higher Councils of what you do with it. Stewardship of land and animals are major evolutionary initiations on the Path of Life. In all enlightened societies, because wood is used wisely and judiciously, there is plenty for everyone to supply all their needs without any ration or scarcity.

Have you ever noticed the difference in hurricane and tornado activity between the East coast and the West coast? Have you ever wondered why the West coast has not received the same amount of yearly cataclysms as it occurs so frequently on the East coast? It is our desire to tell you that the West coast has been spared so many potential calamities each year because of "Our Presence". We are not "just trees" as you have been led to believe in your lack of spiritual consciousness, we are much more than that. Our tree form is just an outer shell, housing our Great Spirit. Although our Spirit is incarnated in the form of giant trees, our collective Spirit is vast, powerful, all encompassing and wise; beyond your present limited understanding and evolutionary awareness.

We, the Redwood Trees, are the Guardians and Devas of the West Coast, and because of our presence there, our love and our great protective powers, this country has been spared many calamities from Nature. Please be reminded that disasters from Nature are always caused by energetic imbalances in Earth's energy grids coming from vortexes of discordant energies created and accumulated by humanity's misuse of creative energies, negative thinking and lack of the quality of Love towards each other and towards all other Life Forms. We are the harmonizers of Nature where we live, and our influence radiates far and wide. Over the centuries, we have been able to absorb in our giant bodies much of your discordant energies, thus, sparing the western hemisphere of the consequences of many natural disasters.

When we were in greater numbers near your shore and on your coast, we were much more effective in warding off potential mishaps or cataclysms coming to your shore from the Pacific Ocean or elsewhere. Now, with our numbers being reduced so drastically and daily by the false pretension of "progress", without any thought or consideration for who we are, what is our role in this area of your country, and without receiving any gratitude for the great protection we have offered to your coast for so very long, this is our warning.

Our number has now been reduced to the point that it is increasingly becoming more and more difficult for us to continue to provide the West coast with the protection we have been able to offer until now, and the much greater protection you will actually need in a very near future.

We would like to add that by the steady reduction of our numbers by the day, as you have been executing for the last several decades, you are seriously putting your shores, the western land of the U.S. and its inhabitants at a much greater risk of severe cataclysmic disasters. You are carelessly, without further thoughts, destroying daily "The Guardians, the Divine Beings" who have been protecting you, your shores and your land for eons of time.

Once we become extinct from the axes and saws of those who regard us simply as dollar signs, we are not coming back to this dimension. We are going elsewhere to continue to serve, bless and radiate our purposes. The rest of us will join the millions of our species who have already departed. We are immortals in our souls, just like you are. The death of our bodies will be "your great loss" in this country as you will soon find out, and a loss for the third dimension of this planet. If we cannot continue to do what we are here to do, we will move on to greener pastures where love, light and honor reigns and where we will be appreciated.

We are very grateful to Aurelia Louise for taking the time to hear our call deep from within the recess of her heart and soul, and for taking note of the urgent message we have been longing to share with mankind for so very long, before it is too late.

We have cradled you with our protection, love, wisdom, our peace, harmony, beauty, wood and oxygen; we have adorned your landscape for millions of years in each of your many incarnations. You know us as we know you. Because of your fall into such great density of consciousness, and unconsciousness as you find yourself in this important time of Earth's transition, you have forgotten your roots and your ancestry, and you have forgotten who you truly are. You no longer acknowledge the Earth as your Mother, an awesome Celestial Living, Breathing Being of the highest order and intelligence, a Being that is loved, cherished and honored throughout all the planets of this solar system, the many galaxies of this universe and all other universes far beyond this one. She is the One who has sponsored your personal evolution on Her body with such great Love, abundance and nurturing, for so very long, totally unconditionally, no matter what you have done to Her body. She has allowed you to damage, poison and destroy parts of Her body countless number of times in order to assist you in forging your evolutionary pathway. You have raped Her resources, drained Her blood represented by the oils inside Her body, and killed and mutilated Her children.

Many of you are recklessly destroying large segments of land and habitat of the many kingdoms that She also hosts on this planet besides evolving humanity. You have been brutal to Her innocent ones from the animal kingdom and you have been brutal with each other. She considers all beings of Her many kingdoms as Her children, no matter what form they take. She loves all equally. You have forgotten that all kingdoms evolving on this planet, known or unknown to you have equal rights to live here and share this planet, no matter what form they have.

Mankind was never given dominion on this planet as a passport to abuse and destroy other kingdoms, including us. The dominion mankind was given was a passport to learn dominion over his own "lower nature", in order to return to his original divinity and innocence.

We are sending you an "SOS" call today through this channel. Do what you may to preserve what is left of us. The time is getting very short. You are now so very close to a time where you will need our protection more than ever before. If there is no longer enough of us to provide the protection you will be in need of during the Earth changes that are almost over your head at this time, you will then have to ward off the consequences of your karmic creations without the added benefit of our protection. And then, you will know, and we repeat, you will know!!! You will be calling on us in your soul, and it will be too late. Our Spirit will be living elsewhere, in the Lands of Love and Appreciation.

We are the Spirit of Redwood Trees, we are the loyal friends who have loved and cherished all of you for so very long. We are the Wise Giants who have cradled and nurtured all civilizations on your planet from the very beginning. We are Devas who hold Great Powers, and we are also part of the Protection Team for this planet. We are the faithful servants of your blessed Earth Mother.

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