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Lemurian's View on the Benefits of Living Underground

Channeled through Aurelia Louise Jones, Mount Shasta

A while ago, I was asked to describe, as well as I could, some of the reasons the people of the Inner Earth, or the various civilizations living in the hundreds of underground cities have chosen to live in this manner, and still choose it to this day.

Over twelve thousand years ago, when the continent of Lemuria sank beneath the waves of the Pacific Ocean, about 25,000 Lemurians, part of those who escaped and survived, went to live underground, underneath Mt. Shasta, to the city they named Telos. The project of building this underground city was started several centuries prior to the sinking of the continent. The Lemurians and the Atlanteans knew for a few thousands of years ahead that their continents were doomed to eventually sink, and they painfully prepared for it. Telos was prepared to save 200,000 people but only 25,000 actually made it on time to the underground city before the land sank underneath the waves.

At the time, this was a very painful and challenging direction they chose to make for the sake of saving their lives, saving most ancient records and treasures, and be able to continue their evolution peacefully, without the burden of the tremendous negativity and wars that were destroying the surface of the planet and its people.

After the sinking of Lemuria, and then Atlantis, a few hundred years later, the shock to the planet was so great, that the Earth shook for almost two thousand years. For 300 hundred years, the debris floating around the planet were so dense, that it greatly dimmed the light of the sun to the point that it became very cold on the planet. Plant and animal life became rather scarce, and the growing of food very difficult. Life on Earth became almost unbearable for the longest time, and so difficult, that a large population of people who remained on the surface eventually died.

For 200 years, earthquakes were constantly so violent, that large segments of the surface liquefied as clay, and formed a sea of mud, engulfing whole cities overnight, all over the planet. Tidal waves were so large that they went as far as 1,000 miles inland, destroying everything in their way. The cities that were not engulfed by the sea of mud or by the tidal waves, eventually shook to rubble by centuries of constant shaking. Hunger and diseases were rampant everywhere. There are places that survived, yes, like Egypt for example, because they were aware that these cataclysms were going to happen, and they had the wisdom to start building their cities accordingly ahead of time. But for most, it was the desolation of almost total destruction in most areas on the planet. It was easier at the time to live underground than it was to try to make it on the surface.

Those who went underground, the survivors of these cataclysms, were able to gradually, little by little, develop a way of life underground that was far superior and wondrous than what surface people were subjected to. At the time, various bands of marauding extraterrestrials came to dominate and prey on the people of Earth who were struggling to survive as peacefully as they could. The extraterrestrials were not the only ones who caused a lot of negativity on this planet. The majority of the people of Earth themselves had fallen into a very low level of spiritual denial. They were also warring and preying viciously among themselves. Love, compassion and true brotherhood had become something of the past, forgotten by most people of Earth´s population. Mankind, in many areas, regressed to the level of cavemen and warring savages.

Ever since, people of Earth have never stop completely warring against each other. There has been eras of peace and love, but they never lasted very long. There were always those who came to disturb it, and put an end to it through attacks and destruction. Even today, at the very dawn of a new permanent golden age on this planet, there are many who still live in the consciousness of fear, violence, enemies, control of others, manipulation, wars, intolerance, taxation imposition, deception, greed, etc. One needs only read a newspaper or watch the news to relate to what I am writing about here.

Those of the Lemurians who were committed to their spiritual evolution, and who desired to remain faithful to their heritage of peace, love and brotherhood found it easier to live underground than to be subjected to the harshness that existed on the surface. It is that simple of an explanation.It was not only harshness of the weather that made life difficult on the surface, but also the harshness of how humanity had come to treat each other.

I am sure there must have been a long period of adaptation for those who went underground to live. One must understand that it was out of necessity, rather than an enjoyable choice that originally forced the Lemurians and other underground dwellers to select to live inside the Earth. By doing so, they also joined and received some assistance from those beings from the Inner Earth who had been living underground for much longer periods time; for some, hundreds of thousands of years, who had vacated the surface to live underground for very similar reasons in other eras of Earth´s history.

Following the sinking of the continents, people of Earth did not learn their lessons well, and many continued in their ways of darkness, greed, control and warring. When the continent of Atlantis sank under the waves of the Atlantic ocean, it is my understanding that the disturbances caused to the body of the Earth was even greater than the disturbances caused by the sinking of Lemuria. The story of "Great Flood" that the bible talks about is really one of the phases we know of the sinking of Atlantis.

Life underground had much more security, stability and peace to offer then than life on the surface. Until today, this fact has remained the same. We, on the surface, are still living in duality, and the Inner Earth people have evolved to a level that we can hardly conceive with our human mind. The underground population, in general, has reached such a high degree of spiritual development that they have truly reached an ascended master consciousness, and our ways of life on the surface is not at all enticing to them. I can venture to say that they want to have nothing to do with the way we live. To them, it is too primitive!

They have learned the total mastery of energy in every aspect of their lives. They have conquered the decay of disease and death by succeeding to immortalize their physical bodies. They can maintain youthful bodies for thousands upon thousands of years without any sign of aging. They control their weather by their constant harmonious thoughts. Erratic weather patterns on the surface are caused by nothing else than the erratic emotional patterns of the people on the surface. I don´t care what our scientists tell us, the elements of nature manifested by weather patterns, pleasant or not, is another facet of Life that mirrors mankind´s proper use or misuse of energy.

If we want to control the weather to our advantage, there is only one way! As a race, we need to learn to control our thoughts, our emotions and practice unconditional love towards every particle of life on this planet. The day we learn to keep our thoughts and emotions on the vibration of Love, Light, Joy and Brotherhood, we will assure for ourselves perfect weather without the need of interference from our manipulative governments.

The "underground" people have understood this principle a long time ago. In the subterranean cities, since everyone lives their lives only to the precepts of Love and true Brotherhood, they enjoy perfect weather every day of their lives. The weather remains for them like a constant spring, an even temperature of around 70 to 75 degrees all year round.

We need to start perceiving that the kind of weather we are getting on this planet, as a barometer of the thoughts and emotions the mass consciousness holds. The extreme hot and cold weathers are very good indicators of the extreme negative thoughts and feelings of humanity in general. When all of humanity returns to the ways of love, we will create the kind of balanced weather we want. The weather on this planet, controlled by the elements of nature, represents nothing more than a giant mirror of the emotions and thought forms of the people living here.

In the subterranean cities, there are those who have evolved to a fifth dimension consciousness and those who have evolved to a fourth dimension consciousness, while retaining an immortalized body that is totally free of the human limitations we are still subjected to on the surface. All of them live in a kind of wondrous paradise they have forged for themselves over the thousands of years they have lived underground. Our ways of life here is very far remote from theirs. They consider us still very primitive in our ways of living, we way we structure of our societies, our governments, our legal system, our educational system and our healing modalities with the cut, burn, and poison system, etc.

Comparing to them, we, on the surface, are like toddlers still in diapers or savages in the jungle. They do not judge us, they still see us as their brothers and sisters; but they are certainly not interested to partake our ways of life. When we are ready to listen to them, accept them as our teachers without killing them, when we are ready to integrate their ways of life, they will come out to help us build for ourselves on the surface, the wondrous type of life they have forged for themselves inside the Earth.

"The day of their emergence to the surface will bring our liberation".

They will teach us how to forge for ourselves a golden age of love, prosperity for all, immortality, true brotherhood they have built for themselves eons ago in their underground paradises. But until we willingly move into harmlessness for all kingdoms of Earth, they will not come.

Inside the Earth, the subterranean people live in houses that seem like very luxurious palaces comparing to ours on the surface. Wealth is unlimited for all. There is no money system, but a very effective barter system. There is no taxation of any kind, no I.R.S., no banking system, no credit card system, no realtors, no mortgage companies, no hospitals, no doctors because no one ever gets sick, no lawyers, no law enforcement officers, no labor unions, no prison nor mental institutions. There are no retirement homes because no one ever gets old, all can maintain perfect health, youth and vitality for thousands of years, until they chose to move into their next calling somewhere else.

Everyone is given one of those palaces to live in when they reach adulthood or start a family of their own. No one ever has to buy anything. They can acquire anything they want just by going to their various distribution centers and get it, just by the asking. Food is distributed fresh and wholesome daily in various distribution centers and everyone takes what they need. The food is “free”, fresh, totally organic with a high concentration of life giving minerals, vitamins, enzymes, oxygen, etc. that keep their bodies in such outstanding conditions. They would never think of poisoning their foods with an endless list of toxic chemicals to enhance growing or before they eat it like we do here on the surface. They must really think we are suffering from some kind of insanity or we are very backward to poison our soil the way we do, pollute our water systems, then our food with the 10,000 various kinds of toxic chemicals the food industry uses to give our food a better look and a longer shelf life. Our food must looks almost like rat poison to them, and they told me that they would not consider eating it. No wonder most of us suffer from one kind of ailment or the other!

In the subterranean cities, everyone works approximately 20 hours a week for the benefit of all. They are, for most, community projects oriented to keep the communities or cities running smoothly. All work is considered “equal” and “sacred”. On the same token, no one has to pay to acquire anything they want or need. Everything is free. Since their lives is absolutely stress free and they choose their work, everyone enjoys their work. All work is performed with love and with a high standard of excellence. They work in teams for most projects and since they are very harmonious among themselves, their work time is considered a lot of fun and very fulfilling. Everyone has a lot of free time to develop their own personal talents, their hobbies, their personal studies of interest and their favorite pass times.

In the subterranean cities, people are mostly vegetarians. The Lemurians under Mt. Shasta are totally vegetarians. No one eats any other, including the animals. All animals are also vegetarians, including the lions, tigers, panthers, etc. Because there is not the violence of the killing of the animal kingdom underground, their land is pure and very blessed. In Telos, they need only seven acres of land to feed one and one half million Telosians.

I could go on and on as to why people who live underground have no desire to live on the surface. Until our consciousness evolves in a more positive direction, or perhaps until we get out of our “diapers” and start acting like mature, evolved humans, honor the Earth and Her many kingdoms, until we become more responsible stewards for our Sacred Earth, our platform of evolution, and stop trashing Her body, until we stop killing each other and slaughtering our animals, we are continuing to be seen, not only by the various underground civilizations, but also by the numerous other inter-galactic civilizations, as primitive, unreliable, unpredictable and not safe to be around.

Need I say more? Myself, if I could move underground today and partake the kind of life the people enjoy inside the Earth, I would do so without hesitation and without regret. I also know the many who would come with me in a moment, so much are we longing for peace and true brotherhood.

Wake up, people of Earth´s surface. Together, let´s all join hands to create for ourselves this wondrous paradise all of us have been longing for, for so very long. Today, let us all embrace harmlessness, kindness, love, compassion, brotherhood, forgiveness for each other, for all beings of the animal kingdom, and for all of Earth´s other kingdoms. Let us start to do it right now, and in each moment of every day to come. Let us create a new beginning and prove ourselves worthy and ready to be physically trained by our “underground” brothers and sisters. Let us join with them in spirit in our daily prayers, and soon in bodies, that together, we can forge a new civilization of human beings on this planet who will equal the attainment and mastery that our brothers and sisters living underground have reached. Let us do it…now and know that if we all bind together to do it, very quickly, our two civilizations will unite again "physically", in a grand celebration of Love and Light.

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