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Note on the Civilization from the Inner Earth

Channeled through Aurelia Louise Jones

There is still a lot of fear around the concept of the subterranean cities and civilizations living inside the earth. I have come to the awareness that there are many people who still have the misconception that the Inner Earth people could be potential enemies. This is so far from the truth!

One must understand that the Inner Earth people are beings of Great Light that have gone underground at various stages of earth's long evolution because of the negativity and warring that was taking place on the surface. They chose to continue their evolution without the burden of negativity and they have been there for thousands of years living a life of Love and Brotherhood and have forged for themselves a permanent Golden Age of Enlightenment, the kind we have been longing so much for. They understood a long time ago, the true meaning of "Brotherhood", and their concept of Brotherhood is also extended to the beings of the animal kingdom and the deepest respect for the "Earth Mother".

They know very well about our existence on the surface and they are holding a great balance of Light and Love on our behalf. Believe it or not, if we compared our civilization with theirs, the way we live and treat each other, they could easily view us as being still very primitive, entrenched in violence and warring. In many places people are still killing each other for control and manipulation, for financial gain and greed purposes, or sometimes just because of various viewpoints, religious or simple skin color differences. We are still killing animals for our food, poisoning the food we eat before we eat it, poisoning the soil, devastating the forest, draining the earth of its valuable oil, polluting the air, the rivers and the oceans. As a race, we are very selfish, always trying to take more than we put back in. And to add to this human arrogance, many on earth have the misunderstanding of viewing the beings of Light and Love from within the earth as potential "enemies".

We have not yet understood that the animal kingdom is here to share the earth with humans "equally", that they have as much right to live their existence in peace here as we do without being subjugated by us. Animals have been ordained to be here by the "Creator" for very specific reasons, many of them for our benefit; but the earth was meant to be shared with them in a brotherly and loving partnership, not ownership. After millions of years of evolution we still have not understood who the animals on this planet are and what they are about. We still think that besides using them for food and "profit" / "benefits", they have no other purposes. We have no concept that they are our younger brothers and sisters on the ladder of evolution and this concept still offends the narrow minds. Animals are a different expression of the Creator but nevertheless another facet of God's Love and they have a right to share the earth "equally" as cohabitants. They are also the beloved "children" of the "Earth Mother"; they represent one of her many kingdoms and ultimately, they belong to her. They are loved and nurtured by Her equally. We have not yet understood that we need them as much as they need us, they are our friends not our slaves. Just because they are different, it does not mean that they are inferior or less important than we. How overbearing are we towards the animal kingdom! We have no right to "own" them for our selfish purposes and dispose of them without gratitude for services rendered. A civilization is judged by the way the people treat their animals. It does not say much for us surface humans, for the way we have been treating our animals on this planet. We butcher them for food, we enslave them, cage them, chain them, experiment on them, destroy their habitats for the purposes of building more houses, more shopping centers, more of this and more of that. We want more and more for ourselves, always "needing" more because we are still looking "outside of ourselves" for true fulfillment and to have all of our "needs" supplied. We have not believed the words of Christ when He told us that the "Kingdom", All That Is, The Door of Everything is Within Us.

The Inner Earth Beings know everything in detail about all of our doings here on the surface. They monitor us very, very carefully with technology we cannot begin to dream about. They are waiting for us to "mature" before they can come to the surface and teach us. Our negativity and way of life is not enticing to them. They are very much looking forward to the day they can merge with us again. But they are waiting for us to become "more civilized" among ourselves and have more respect for the ecology of the earth and Mother Earth Herself.

As a matter of fact, the Inner Earth people are beings of such magnitude and love and are so much more advanced than we are spiritually and in every way, that we stand like "toddlers" in front of them. If they came here openly now to help us out and teach us their ways of brotherhood, they would be killed very quickly by the "powers that be". It has happened before. Around 1947, I am not sure of the exact date, the U.S. military had attempted to invade the city of Telos under Mt. Shasta with machine guns and their war equipment. What do you think their intentions were? The Telosians have not since been permitted by the Galactic Federation Council of Twelve to mix with us, surface people, and they have to abide by those rules. They used to be seen around the Mt. Shasta area at the beginning of the century but they are seen no more. It is my understanding that they make very few exceptions and for good reasons. It is really up to us if we want the benefit of their love and company among us, to grow and mature and make ourselves "worthy" and "deserving" of their presence.

In comparison, we can think of them like university professors looking at "toddlers" that would want to learn from them. Until we master the art of true living and honor the earth and the sanctity of life, we could not begin to understand and be able to accept their ways. We are not ready as a race to receive them and they know this. Of course, many of us are exceptions to this and it is with much longing and great anticipation that we are waiting for their appearance among us. The mass consciousness here on the planet is still living in fear and the consciousness of "enemies" and may not be able to accept them at this time. There are the few of us who are ready and we are the ones preparing the way for their coming. We are the way showers. Until we stop our "violence" towards "ALL" facets of life, and begin to live the way of harmlessness, they consider us "violent" and they will not come.

We still fish and hunt big time, not for necessities but as a "sport". How unaware and backward can humanity still be, in 1999, one year before the new millennium and 2,000 years after the coming of Christ who came to teach God's way of love and non violence. There are still many killing animals for the "pure sport" of it without any consideration or thought for their lives and their destiny and their reasons for being. They buy hunting tags or fishing licenses from government agencies to get licenses to "kill" other life forms of the children of the Earth Mother. We choose to ignore that she is not supporting only the evolution of "humanoids" on this planet; the animals are just as dear to her heart, they are also her beloved children. Without the Earth Mother, we would have no platform for evolution, as she is hosting us and the animals, "equally". She has tolerated with love and endless patience for hundreds of thousands of years our abuse of her "body" and her "kingdoms" We think we "own" everything here without being accountable, and we can just use it and trash it as if there is no tomorrow. Actually, we are the "steward" of the earth and we will be judged by the quality of our stewardship and be totally accountable. It is our initiation! When we cease our trashing of the "earth" and its inhabitants, and cease our violence and move into "harmlessness," we will see the Inner Earth people emerge from within and greet us with love and show us a better way of life. They will teach us how to build a Golden Age of Love, Prosperity for all and Eternal Peace. It is up to us to prepare, to open the way for their coming. They have been waiting for us to get out of our "diapers" so to speak much too long.

Although the vast majority of Inner Earth beings or subterranean cities are Cities of great Light, there are unfortunately a few places inside the earth that are places and cities of darkness and inhabited by the sinister forces and not desirable by any means. These people are not the "real" Inner Earth people. Many are the people from our Secret World Government, military bases and other civilizations of darkness that have fled there in the last 100 years or more and some longer because all their other attempts to escape the earth "safely" have failed. Because of their darkness, they have discovered to their great dismay that they will soon have nowhere else to go but face their accountability. Their attempts to move to the moon have failed. They discovered that the moon is inhabited by other civilizations and that they were not welcome. Have they told us that? This is secret information that is gradually seeping out. The secret government has and are now building cities and colonies inside the earth that are usually not very far from the surface for their coming and going.

Have you heard of "Alternative 3"? Alternative 1 has failed, Alternative 2 has failed and Alternative 3 has failed. It was so scary for the members of the secret government to see the plans of escape, that they have prepared for hundreds of years fail 3 times, that they are now working on "Noah's Ark Project and this is "underground". I beg you not to try to find them or approach them because you would not live very long or would be taken as a prisoner to be treated as a slave to do their dirty work. But these are not the "Inner Earth" people we are talking about, they are our present Secret World Government, One World Government Order, Military Alliances, and "surface people" who are trying to plan their escape when the Light of Almighty God will finally shine on this planet. "They know" now they will have nowhere to go, nowhere to escape; and neither will you if you are not "now" choosing to live the way of harmlessness and love. Mother Earth herself has revealed in a channeled message that when those days will come, she will find a way of evacuating those people as well. Those not serving the Light of Almighty God will no longer be tolerated on this planet.

Yes, the real "Inner Earth" people are beings that we can trust and who love us very dearly and see us in the light of true brotherhood. But beware of the other kind, of the sinister force. This is where discernment becomes important. Be at peace, for the days of the sinister force encampment inside the earth is now "numbered". It is my sincere hope that within 10 years from now and perhaps sooner, we will see our Brothers and Sisters from inside the earth, emerge to the surface by the thousands, coming to help us out in a time of much distress and transition. I ask all of you reading this material to rejoice for those days, and to prepare to welcome them into your heart and home. Can you imagine the great joyous event when the two main civilizations of this planet, the ones from the inner core and the surface people, reunite in love and brotherhood after thousands upon thousands of years of separation? Can you imagine the wonderful "party"? It will be so divine, the whole universe will watch. And for us, it will bring our liberation! Alleluia!


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